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Buy Weed Online in Fort Simpson

Thanks to marijuana legalization in 2018, buying cannabis products in Canada is easier than ever. Do you want to buy weed online in Fort Simpson? Pick your phone and search for BudLyft. Select your favourite product among more than 100 weed strains available in our online shop. 

Aside from weed strains, other cannabis-extracted products like edible CBD, tincture, various types of hash, etc., are also in stock.

Find the Best Flowers at BudLyft

Do you have a preference between Sativa and Indica strains? Perhaps you like hybrid strains more to enjoy both Sativa and Indica characteristics. Consider these suggestions if you want to buy weed online in Fort Simpson.

  • Pink GasBubba Kush and Pink Kush were crossed to create this heavily Indica-dominant strain. It combines 90% Indica and 10% Sativa and contains a high THC level of around 24%. Pink Gas releases a heavy, spicy aroma as it has smoked. There’s also a hint of gassy diesel in the flavour, along with sweet, floral notes.

By exhaling the Pink Gas, you just need to wait a few seconds to feel the cerebral impacts. Not long after, you’ll feel a body buzz. Promptly, any negative or racing thoughts are wiped away by a sense of joy accompanied by ease and tranquillity. 

  • Funky Charms – This combination of Grease Monkey and Rainbow Chip is one of the potent hybrid strains which brings an actual rainbow of funky flavours. The funky diesel flavour mixes with the snatch of citrus and mint aroma. You’ll also sense the sweet overtone of vanilla and chocolate.

22% THC may be the cause of various reports about Funky Charms’ effect on alleviating pain, inflammation, and depression. Funky Charm is well-liked because it enriches users with inspiration, creativity, and energy. 

  • Cookies Gray Payton – You may have heard of it as “Gray Payton.” This strain is a rare brand of hybrid cannabis that is equally balanced between Indica and Sativa. Its THC level is mostly between 20% to 25%. Some people suggest it for conditions such as migraine, chronic stress, ADD, and ADHD.

The effect of Cookies Gary Payton is quite intense and can last for a while after smoking, So it certainly suits the experienced consumers best. By smoking Gray Payton, you’ll almost instantly feel the result which commences with a cerebral high and leads to a pure sense of euphoria.

  • Fruity Pebbles – 55% of its genetic makeup is Indica, making it an Indica-dominant strain. This relatively young strain was introduced in 2006. It didn’t take long for FPOG to become one of the most prevalent weeds in the market, thanks to its impact. 

A mild couch-lock is described as a gentle high that begins with a strong body buzz and ends with a feeling of relief. It can help with mood regulation and pain diminution. Plus, it has a tropical flavour accompanied by a sweet berry taste.

Even More Powerful Choices; Try MoonRocks

Moon Rocks are fantastic products for marijuana lovers. Due to dipping in honey oil and covering in kief powder, their THC concentration is very high. If you aren’t familiar with moon rocks, don’t grind them to preserve the kief powder.

  • Watermelon Moon Rocks – This mouth-watering moon rock is one of the most popular that brings a feast of flavour to your mouth, alongside the THC level that can reach 60% in some cases.

Watermelon Moon Rock dipped in honey oil and powdered with kief. Use a bong or pipe for a better smoking experience, and you’ll see beautiful white ash as it burns slowly. 

  • Strawberry Cheesecake Moon Rock – Another famous moon rock that brings you to the moon is Strawberry cheesecake. The name is taken from its strawberry taste and rock-like appearance. The natural flavour will delight users who have a taste for old-fashioned weed and kaif scent.

This potent strain has around 60% THC level and can soothe and relax your body and mind. As a result, you feel less stressed and anxious.

  • Blueberry Moon Rocks – This strain also shares some characteristics with two others. Blueberry Moon Rock contains up to 60% THC, and by utilizing a bong or pipe, you’ll see a slow burn and nice white ash.

A unique flavour is provided by a light spraying of a proprietary natural flavour that exquisitely compliments the full-bodied terpene experience.

Buy Hash Online in Fort Simpson

Hash or hashish is an old cannabis-extracted product that roots back thousands of years ago. It has been appreciated in some countries such as Egypt, Afghanistan, and Morocco since ancient times.

  • Strawberry Hash – For those familiar with hashish and looking to explore the blissful world of hash, Strawberry Kush is a sapid choice. Strawberry Kush provides a seductive high, followed by a tranquil sensation throughout the body. It can help with depression and stress, too.
  • Moroccan Blonde Hash – Morocco produces the most high-quality hash in north Africa. Their hash has a smooth texture and a light aroma with a spicy overtone. Moroccan Blond Hash causes an active cerebral high. This strain may have some positive effects on relieving pain, insomnia, and stress.

It contains more CBD and less THC compared to other hash, making it the most loved Hash in Canada.

  • Sunset Sherbet Bubble Hash – The average THC level of this Indica dominant strain varies from 15% to 19%. Sunset Sherbet reveals a sweet earthy aftertaste with an aroma of fruity yogurt and honey that intensifies with exhalation.

Sunset Sherbet’s cerebral energy jolt results in feeling social and euphoric, as well as relaxed and comfortable with a full body buzz.

Order Dried Mushrooms Online 

Magic Mushrooms are an intoxicating group of fungi also known under the scientific name of Psilocybin mushrooms. These have been around since the stone age, as cave arts suggest. In some ancient civilizations, people consumed them for religious and spiritual purposes. 

These days people from around the world show interest in shrooms and devour them as recreational drugs to see visions, feel more relaxed and energized, and awaken the creative side of their minds.

Are you looking for the best shrooms in Canada? BudLyft provides different types of dried mushrooms, such as Blue Meanies and Golden Teacher, at an excellent price. You’ll also find edible shrooms and shroom drinks in our shop.

Save Money with BudLyft Wholesale 

Do you consume weeds regularly? Wouldn’t it be nice to cut out your expenses a little bit? Buying weed online in Fort Simpson at the bulk price is possible now. First, visit our website; a great deal awaits you in the wholesale section. Then, place your order and enjoy up to 70% discount. Furthermore, there is no need to pay the shipping cost if your order exceeds 149$. 

How to Buy Weed Online in Fort Simpson

Check out our online store. First, add your favourite products to the cart. Then, finalize your order by choosing the payment method and filling personal info and address. Now, Just wait for the delivery. We also cover express delivery in some regions. Contact us at 604-653-4998 or read the buying guideline if you have any questions.

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