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Same Day Weed Delivery New Westminster, BC

Are you looking for the best New Westminster weed delivery in British Columbia? Count on the experienced staff at Budlyft. Budlyft is the most reliable weed delivery service in New Westminster. As a marijuana supplier, you can be certain of receiving high-quality products delivered straight to your house.

Whatever your requirements, we’re here to help you find your ideal cannabis product. We have everything you need regarding recreational pot and healing marijuana, and we’ve got you covered. So why are you still waiting? Give us a call right now, and we’ll help you get the weed you desire.

Who Uses Weed?

One of cannabis’ many advantages is that it doesn’t have a specific user profile as long as you are at least 19 years old. Whether you only use premium cannabis products or the more affordable options in cannabis dispensaries, weed is for anyone to enjoy.

Some people use it as part of a healing routine, while others do it because they appreciate how it makes them feel. Of course, 4.4 million people in Canada have tried cannabis for different reasons, so you’re not alone.

However, the astonishing increase in cannabis use among the elderly is one of the more surprising trends in recent years. Even though some use it for therapeutic purposes, recreational use is the most common.

What Can You Get Delivered to New Westminster?

We provide our customers with more services than only the delivery of cannabis in New Westminster. Our extensive selection includes various best cannabis products you might be interested in trying. Listed below is everything that you can purchase from our store:


Some people may find the psychoactive effects of marijuana too strong to smoke or vape. We keep edibles in the store because we want our business accessible to everyone. Here we have edibles infused with THC oil.

Remember that the effects of marijuana consumed orally will stay significantly longer than those experienced from smoking or vaporizing the herb. This occurs because food’s impact on the body is distinct from smoking. For some who prefer not to inhale smoke, edibles are an excellent alternative.

When you need something edible, we’ve got you covered with a wide selection of gummies, baked cookies, brownies, and more. These products combine the best of two worlds: they are both tasty and potent.


Without offering cannabis concentrates to our consumers, our cannabis store and weed delivery service in New Westminster would be incomplete. These concretes are made via various techniques for extracting THC from marijuana buds resulting in highly potent THC concentrate.

Therefore, less is always more when it comes to concentrates. Our shop offers shatters, THC pens and cartridges, live resin, budder, hash/kief, and many other concentrates. We can ship you any concentrate from our store quickly.


An alternate way to consume marijuana is through vaping. Users can consume marijuana with various devices, including vape pens, cartridges, and juice. These gadgets often have a heating element inside and are made of plastic.

Some vape pens have a tank that stores the liquid, while others have a cartridge that has already been filled. Vape starter kits also include everything you need to get started.

CBD Products

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of our best-selling items. CBD vape pens, CBD vape juice, CBD edibles, and a lot more are all available here. The great thing about CBD is that it has therapeutic and soothing properties without the high.

The cannabinoid CBD is used by many people looking for healing benefits from the plant without experiencing any psychoactive effects. So, if you’re looking for the same thing, CBD is a great option. You may relax without worrying about getting high or a positive on a drug test.

What Are the Top 10 CBD Strains to Buy?

How do you know which CBD strains to buy if you’re new to the CBD craze? Learn more by reading!


Due to its sufficient CBD levels, one of the most well-known CBD strains, Lifter, is perfect for anyone wishing to calm their mind. This strain, unlike others of its sort, has about 18% CBD and less than 0.3% THC.

It is a quick-acting strain, kicking in five minutes after inhalation (or sooner). The Lifter has a strong positive impact on mood, sleep, stress relief, anxiety, digestion, and inflammation. In addition, it speeds up digestion thanks to its potent antioxidants.

The Lifter is well-liked by CBD aficionados for its potent effects and unique flavour profile. Consider berries, fresh pine, lemon, and fresh cheese as examples of the ideal fruity and earthy aroma it delivers. A hint of pepper drifts off as you sink deeper into a state of what can only be called pure bliss.

Sour Diesel

When relaxation is a priority, look for some Premium Sour Diesel CBD Flower. It has one of the unique portfolios and potent strains due to its relatively high CBD concentration, roughly 20.165%.

Sour Diesel tastes sour and kerosene-like, as you would have imagined from the name. The scent is sweet and tart as soon as you light it, followed by a strong kerosene aroma. Your body will enter a relaxing, peaceful condition while your mind becomes quickly energized.

This Sativa-dominant strain has a THC content of 0.094% and provides immediate effects. The Sour Diesel will be most effective for you, especially if you tolerate low CBD levels. It is a great daytime strain that calms your body and stimulates your brain’s creative side.

The Premium Sour Diesel CBD Flower variety is GMO-free. Additionally, it has been bred with premium hemp to lower the THC content to adhere to the Federal Farm Bill.

Cherry Wine

With Cherry Wine, you get the best of both worlds because the hybrid strain is precisely balanced between Indica and Sativa. As a result, it helps you feel calm and focused while boosting your concentration, making it appropriate for any time of day!

Its flavour profile reflects this balance as well. The strain’s favourite flavour, which blends the earthy taste of pines and the sweet and fruity taste of cherry, is created by its natural terpenes. As a result, anyone could be seduced by the flavour and aroma of Cherry Wine and eventually succumb to its potent effects.

The strain’s high CBD content—up to 16.48%—means it’s always prepared to give you a strong kick! In addition, you may enjoy it knowing that it is legal in the eyes of the law because the THC content is less than 0.3%.

Without a doubt, Cherry Wine is one of the best-balanced strains available. This way, you can enjoy the advantages of a high-CBD strain without becoming high!

Sour Space Candy

The sweet smell of this strain will appeal to anyone with a penchant for sweets. Sour Space Candy will leave you feeling energized and ready for the day.

The strain once more lives up to its name in terms of flavour and aroma. With just one puff, you’ll experience an instant blast of sweetness that will make you think of cherry and winter candy apples!

Even though Sour Space Candy contains 20% CBD, it won’t leave you dizzy. Instead, it helps you enjoy everything more attentively and in more detail rather than throwing your mind into overdrive.

Sour Space Candy is an excellent choice for a stay-in weekend by the fireplace or an all-out day because it is a mood booster.

Skywalker OG

Skywalker OG, a highly potent strain that puts you in couch-lock mode, is the key to having a decent night’s sleep.

With its distinctive aroma and taste that is hard to replicate, Skywalker OG sticks out in the cannabis community. You can detect hints of spicy notes and a herbal aftertaste.

Like the fictional character for whom it is named, Skywalker OG is adored by its audience for its powerful performance. This results from the extraordinarily high CBD content of Skywalker OG (over 20%) and low THC levels (0.13%).

With just a few puffs, Skywalker OG will put your body and mind in the right frame of mind for sleep.

OG Kush

The iconic variety, the actual OG Kush, deserves an honourable mention on this list. After a hard day, the strain puts you in a relaxed condition by providing a solid buzz.

Additionally, OG Kush gives your senses a breath of fresh air. Kush terpenes emit a strong aroma with elements of hash, citrus, and earthy flavours. As its overall CBD percentage is 18.08%, you should not underestimate its potency.

Additionally, OG Kush can boost your mood while maintaining the full functionality of your cognitive capabilities.

Super Silver Haze (Sativa)

The strain will deliver a pleasant smoking experience. It gives you an all-at-once energizing and euphoric feeling, which is what you need to relax after a never-ending day.

The strain offers a magnificent fusion of potent tropical and floral flavours that energize your body and mind. In addition, the earthy and spicy notes at the end of its taste and scent feast will put you in a good mood.

Super Silver Haze rapidly lifts you with its flavour profile and medium-high CBD level of 0.15%, which is legal.

Long story short, beginners love Super Silver Haze because it lifts them rather than dragging them down, allowing them to relax and speak more freely at parties.

Suzy Q

Another hybrid strain that highlights CBD’s advantages by enhancing relaxation is Suzy Q. The benefits are mild, but you can still feel your mind calming. You experience the bliss that washes anxieties and nervousness away!

The rich, earthy, and musky flavour characteristic of the strain dominates the taste buds. The perfume is reminiscent of freshly cut grass or a wooded forest and has spicy overtones.

With a CBD content of over 17% and a THC value of .01%, Suzy Q’s effects won’t overwhelm you. Instead, they operate to deeply relax you by giving you a subtle buzz that starts in your head and spreads throughout the rest of your body.

Suzy Q is a unique strain that mentally stimulates beginners without giving them a strong high.

Special Sauce

A tasty strain called Special Sauce can liven up your stressful life and help you relax. It is a fantastic mood booster that generates an incredible feeling of peace and helps remove negative thoughts!

Special Sauce is a favourite among cannabis connoisseurs because of its earthy berry flavour with traces of vanilla. The strain fills your nose with sweet and earthy aromas.

In particular, for beginners, Special Sauce’s high CBD and low THC content ensures a laid-back trip and easy-going experience that puts them in a meditative mental state.

Bubba Kush

Bubba Kush is for you if you’re seeking the most tranquillity. It is an Indica-dominant strain that, soon after taking it, transports you to a state of comfort and relaxation.

But what makes it stand out is the unique flavour, heavily spiced and dominated by lemons. When you open the hemp flower vial, a potent, spicy aroma almost immediately surrounds you. You can be sure that every puff will give you a tasty kick!

Bubba Kush complies with the law due to its 12.951% medium to high CBD and 0% THC content. Its distinct aroma and flavour are primarily due to a variety of terpenes.

Bubba Kush is undoubtedly the best strain for relaxing at night since these ingredients give you an entourage effect as you’ve never had before. You better finish your tasks before lighting this one because it will make you feel looser in just a few minutes.

Marijuana Legalization in New Westminster, British Columbia

Being a cannabis user in New Westminster is fantastic. Cannabis use for recreational and medical purposes became legal in Canada on October 17th, 2018. The following October 17th, the Canadian government expanded its list of approved products to include marijuana edibles, cannabis extracts, and topicals.

The Cannabis Act contains a comprehensive summary of cannabis regulations in Canada. However, the laws governing marijuana can vary depending on the Province or Territory. To be safe, it is crucial to comprehend the local marijuana regulations.

Anyone in BC can go to the cannabis page of the BC government. You can also visit the BC Government’s cannabis page for anyone in BC. For your convenience, we have outlined the fundamental laws applicable to most cannabis users in New Westminster.

  • The age requirement for purchasing, selling, or consuming cannabis is 19.
  • The amount of marijuana that you can possess in public is 30 grams.
  • Private homes, outdoor public spaces, dedicated smoking rooms, residential vehicles, and restricted zones are all legal places to use marijuana. The smoking of marijuana is prohibited in enclosed spaces, hospitals, care facilities, public buildings, schools, public gathering places, and vehicles in operation.
  • Using cannabis on school property or in a car is illegal.
  • There can be up to 4 cannabis plants growing in one household at any time.

What Is the Best Way to Buy Weed in New Westminster?

We’ve made it easy to purchase marijuana in New Westminster. We place the utmost value on your time and comfort. Before placing an order, you must register and attest that you are at least 19 years old.

Then proceed to the checkout after adding the products you choose; E-transfers or Cash On Delivery are the two payment methods you can select from throughout the checkout process. Follow the directions provided!

Reasons to Choose Budlyft

These are the top three reasons why you should choose Budlyft for weed delivery in New Westminster:

Same Day Weed Delivery in New Westminster

Many people choose our services because we provide same-day delivery in New Westminster. Within a few hours, sometimes even sooner, you will receive your marijuana-related products.

High-Quality Strains

We are the best weed delivery in New Westminster for a reason. We want our customers to have a wonderful experience with us. Thus we only provide the best strains. Because of this, regardless of what you select, you will notice that we only offer you marijuana strains of the finest quality. They are powerful and will quickly give you the results you want.

Budget Buds

Lastly, we provide budget buds to clients looking for a cost-effective option for their healing or recreational marijuana needs. It is our guarantee to you that you will experience the same effects as you would with any other strain of cannabis because they are affordable. So you don’t have to stop using the marijuana you need anytime if you have a financial challenge.

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