Buy Weed Online British Columbia

Buy Weed Online British Columbia

Canada legalised cannabis for recreational use back in 2018. Since then, dispensaries have popped up all over the country, giving customers a place to buy their weed. Though the laws are different according to each province, British Columbia sets the legal age to use cannabis as 19. 

British Columbia offers some of the best strains of weed in the whole of Canada. With plenty of their own homegrown farmers, there’s no better place than BC.

In the past year, most of us have turned to online shopping more than ever before, especially when you want to buy weed online in Canada. But for those used to going to BC dispensaries in-person to buy their weed, this might be a new experience. In this article, we showcase why you should buy weed online and provide some useful information regarding how to get it done.

Why is British Columbia So Popular For Online Weed Sales?

British Columbia sees such a high level of weed sales because of its environment. BC holds a world-renowned reputation for excellent cannabis plants. 

The climate aids this reputation—BC’s “banana belts” claim mild, perfectly precipitated conditions for growing cannabis. The growing season produces high-quality and fast grown cannabis. 

British Columbia also boasts a long history of growing weed. They’ve been growing it since 1931 – when prohibition was rife in the US. BC exported cannabis to Americans, where it was illegal at the time. Though it was banned in Canada to sell weed in the 20th and early 21st century, law enforcement wasn’t cracking down on it. Due to this long history, BC weed is steeped in knowledge and experience. 

How to Buy Weed Online in British Columbia: A Step-By-Step Guide

Buying weed online in BC shouldn’t be a complicated process. In fact, it can often be much more straightforward than buying in person. With this handy step-by-step guide, each aspect of the process should be outlined clearly.

The first thing to note when buying weed online in British Columbia is that you will need to know how to use Interac eTransfer. All Canadian banks feature the eTransfer functionality, where you can transfer money to anyone with a Canadian bank account using email.

Buying weed online in Canada is made easy by using eTransfer, as it allows you to pay right from your bank account. At Budlyft, we allow customers to proceed with checkout and pay with their bank directly.

Shop at a reputable online store in British Columbia 

The first thing to do when looking to buy weed online is to find an online dispensary in British Columbia. BC offers many online dispensaries, so have a good look around when finding the one that suits you. However, this website – Budlyft – provides the best quality and prices. We promise we aren’t biased. 

Choose the cannabis products you are looking for

Weed comes in many forms: from edibles to oils. There are even different strains available to you in BC. To find what you’re looking for, browse the website and do a little research. If you click on a product, there will be a description of different factors regarding that product. This could include smell, taste, THC/CBD content or how they are grown. 

Some popular weed strains in British Columbia are:

View the BudLyft online store

At Budlyft, we have hundreds of premium cannabis products available for customers to buy in British Columbia. Our website sells only the finest BC weed to our happy customers.

To get started with buying weed online in BC, you first want to view our online shop. On that page, you will see large lists of products. You can also filter down your selections using the filter on the left hand side of the page if you are on desktop.

At BudLyft, we have the following categories for products. You can click any of these to be taken to their respective pages to place an order:

Optional: View our How to Buy Guide

If you are looking for a guide on how to buy weed online in British Columbia, you can also view our how to buy weed online guide. We showcase everything that you need to know to order on the Budlyft website.

Click this link to visit our guide. Everything you need to know about how to order,

Buying Weed Online in BC Doesn’t Need to Take Forever

One of the biggest problems with buying weed in British Columbia is the time it takes to get your order. Going to a retail dispensary is annoying, as you need to go into the store.

Additionally, if you order weed online from other websites, you may get slower processing and shipping times than at Budlyft. The benefit of ordering from our online store is that we are also located in British Columbia. Because of this, shipping times within the Province are much shorter.

Budlyft uses Canada Post Xpresspost expedited shipping for all of our orders, meaning that you will get the quickest turnaround time possible.

Buying Weed Online in British Columbia is Easy at BudLyft

It shouldn’t be hard to buy weed online in BC. With a province so good at growing and selling cannabis easily online, you should have an easy and worthwhile experience. At Budlyft, we offer the widest selection of cannabis products in existence.

Gone are the days where you have to go physically into a retail dispensary or order weed from some sketchy dealer. All it takes is a few clicks, an eTransfer, and you’re good to go!

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