Falcon 9 Strain Review


Exotic Genetix is killing it and flooding the market with new products, but Falcon 9 might be the best of them all. Falcon 9 is an Indica strain that will put you in a blissful heady state before sinking into your body. Exotic Genetix crossed Sunset Sherbert with Tina to create this Indica-dominant hybrid.

Dark purple buds and orange pistils give Falcon 9 its gassy, smooth ice cream flavour. Patients report that it helps with chronic pain, depression, and PTSD. Let’s review this Indica dominant strain and learn more about its properties.

Falcon 9 Overview

Developed from crossing Sunset Sherbet with Tina, Falcon 9 is an uncommon hybrid strain (70 percent indica, 30 percent Sativa). Falcon 9 is popular with indica lovers across the country, as it has a very unfocused and uplifting effect. Although, it’s pretty tricky to find outside of the West Coast.

The aroma is earthy and robust, with a sour fruity overtone and a thick gassiness. It’s characterized by:

  •  Long dark olive green nugs
  • dark purple undertones
  • bright orange hairs
  •  frosty white crystal trichomes

The Profile

The significant parameters in the Falcon 9 profile are:

  • Mother: Sunset Sherb
  • Father: Tina
  • Indica dominance: 70/30
  • Sex: Reg
  • Growing Conditions: Multi-Topped Bush
  • Size: Medium
  • Flowering time: between 56 and 63 days
  • Yield: Heavy Producer
  • Room Type: Indoor, outdoor, greenhouse
  • Flavour: sweet citrusy orange flavour

Effects of Falcon 9

The Falcon 9 delivers in a variety of ways. The sugary dough flavour is well-balanced with the clear undertones of fuel. The flower has a rough feel and is painted in a green hue. This strain’s odd mix of relaxed and focused effects may appeal to experienced daytime cannabis users. However, most users will likely love this strain even after a day of hard work.

The high begins with a cerebral feeling behind the eyes and in the back of the head. It’s almost like a numbing sensation that eventually spreads throughout your entire head, leaving you bewildered and ecstatic. As your mind relaxes into this delightful euphoric state, your body follows suit, leaving you completely relaxed and at peace as your happiness and sociability spread.

Best Way to Smoke Falcon 9

There are numerous ways to smoke marijuana, and we have yet to find one that we dislike. With the evolution of the cannabis industry, more and more innovative ways to smoke pot are available to consumers. Finding a strategy that appeals to you according to your preferences may be the ideal way for you to smoke marijuana.

Vapes & Vape Bongs

There’s a good reason why some people choose to smoke their pot using a dry herb vaporizer. There are tabletop varieties, such as vape bongs and more portable versions. A weed vaporizer is gentle on the lungs, improves the flavour of your cannabis, and is incredibly efficient. Another big plus is that you can cook with the weed you’ve already vaped, as it still contains about 20% of its former THC content.

Bongs & Gravity Bongs

Many find that water makes smoking marijuana more enjoyable. Bongs and gravity bongs can cool the smoke before it reaches your lungs, making it more pleasant to inhale. Smoking a bong could be a good option for people who like to take big puffs.

Joints & Blunts

Joints are simple to inhale and share, making them ideal for social smoking. Pre-rolls are also available if you want to make it easier. After that, all you need is lighter, and you’ll be smoking your Falcon 9 in a joint. Although, you should remember that a joint might not be as big as you want it to be if you’re planning an extensive session or smoking at a party. Instead, we recommend rolling a weed blunt for social occasions.

Weed Bubbler

A cannabis bubbler is a new type of smoking device that combines the advantages of full-sized bongs and traditional spoon pipes. Size is the significant difference between a bubbler and a regular bong. Like traditional bongs, the best bubblers use water filtration to ensure the smoothest draw possible. On the other hand, a bubbler pipe is much more inconspicuous, easier to use, and portable than a giant bong.

Benefits of Falcon 9 Strain

Thanks to its exceptionally high average THC potency of 15-20 percent, Falcon 9 is frequently used to treat patients suffering from chronic pain, chronic stress or PTSD, depression, or mood swings. Upon exhalation, Falcon 9’s buds have a highly tart yet sweet zesty orange flavour with hints of lemon and earth.

Nausea & Vomiting

Did you know that there has been an FDA-approved THC medication (Marinol) for treating nausea and vomiting in people with cancer since the 1980s? Marinol contains delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), although it is a synthetic and isolated molecule. In other words, it’s tiny compared to the chemical components found in the cannabis plant.

Pain Alleviation

THC is also thought to have neuroprotective effects, protecting brain cells from damage. According to one study, it can also improve breathing and reduce sleep disturbances. THC is a highly effective treatment for PTSD. Since THC activates neural pathways in the central nervous system that prevent pain signals from being transmitted to the brain, pain relief is another essential medical benefit of THC.

Helps Manage PTSD

According to some physicians, THC-rich cannabis is the only treatment for PTSD. In studies, THC has been shown to help with a range of PTSD symptoms, including anxiety, despair, sleeplessness, flashbacks, and nightmares. This means that people who have PTSD can finally get the restful sleep they need to rehabilitate and reclaim their lives.

Brain Cell Growth

Believe it or not, the medical benefits of THC for the brain maybe even more significant than previously thought.

Not only does the chemical protect brain cells, but it also promotes brain growth. THC activates the “CB1 receptor” in our brains. Through long-term potentiation, the brain is stimulated to learn more. According to researchers, THC, like CBD, increases the growth of brain cells in the hippocampus.

Final Word

The Falcon 9 strain is a potent hybrid with calming, relaxing, and uplifting effects. The Falcon 9 strain consists of two strains: Sunset Sherbet and Tina. One smells like jet fuel and has a distinctive funk; the other delivers a funky/sweet blend. Combining these two creates the perfect strain for your evenings and weekends.

We recommend Indica lovers smoke the Falcon 9 (AAAA+) to get the most out of their smoking session. Check other flowers to find your favourite chemovars if you’re looking for variety.

Remember that everything about cannabis is a personal experience, so take your time to find the perfect way to smoke.