Types of Chocolate Edibles to Buy in Canada

Types of Chocolate Edibles to Buy in Canada

Wondering what kind of edibles you can get your hands on in Canada?

It feels like it was just yesterday when cannabis was considered this taboo topic all over the world. People would be spreading all kinds of misinformation about the plant. Some parts of the world believed that the consumption of weed made a person go crazy, alongside some other equally bizarre myths.

However, despite all the lies that were spread, a few years later, recreational use of marijuana along with marijuana edibles were made perfectly legal in Canada, and several other places in the world.

As the popularity of cannabis continues to grow, it brings all the more traction to the idea that the medicinal herb should be a staple in people’s everyday lives.

If you’re one of those people looking to add a little extra magic to your life, you should be made aware of the several different methods of consumption of cannabis. You probably already know that it can be smoked, as this is usually found to be the go-to with most people since it is the quickest and a minimal effort way of getting high. However, another method to consume the plant is by way of edibles.

Edibles, while not the most efficient way of getting high, have their own benefits too. They offer a fun and convenient way of getting high. They are often delicious and come with the added benefit of being discreet.

What Exactly are Edibles?

Put it simply “Edibles” are just some everyday food and drink products that are cannabis-infused.

The edibles can, more specifically, be THC infused or CBD infused, but we will touch more on that a little later. For now, know that THC and CBD are some of the main cannabinoids present within cannabis, among the various other cannabinoids. They are also known to be the ingredients that cause the psychoactive effects of marijuana when consumed.

Within the world of edibles, you’ll find even more subcategories it can be divided into based on the type of product that is cannabis-infused. Honestly, the variety is endless as you can find gummies, brownies, cookies, beverages, and even popcorn to be cannabis-infused. At the end of the day, just know that there are a lot of delicious bite-sized treats, each of which comes with its dosage for consumption.

Though, as you may have guessed, the weed edibles we’ll focus on today are weed chocolates. We’ll also discuss the best place to get weed chocolates from the online retailers that have a collection of online edibles.

What are Weed Chocolates?

With humans enjoying the tasty snacks that are chocolates and the incredible plant that is weed for several hundreds of years, it was bound to happen that we would find a way to enjoy the likes of both, and we did by way of marijuana edibles.

When high-quality THC extract, or rather cannabis-infused butter, is combined with a chocolate bar, you get the highest tier of weed edibles.

Unlike the kind of infused-edibles you get from a weed enthusiast. One who practices mixing marijuana and chocolate bars at home, to get weed edibles, many companies have propped up in the business of making such cannabis edibles. These companies also happen to adhere to food production guidelines, as well as, give out a proper dose to their cannabis products.

This kind of quality assurance ensures that the consumers of their weed edibles remain satisfied, while also providing them with the best value for their money.

Are These Cannabis-Infused Edibles Good for You?

If you’re engrossed by all the negative press the media still continues to have on weed edibles you’re probably contemplating whether or not they are actually good for you?

So, for those of you on the fence about having a bite of the cannabis edible, that is weed chocolate, here are only a few of the benefits you can get from eating such cannabis products: 

Chocolate Can Provide You with Several Medical Benefits

Aside from being a tasty snack, there are a lot of studies that prove the health benefits of the regular consumption of chocolate. 

It Increases Antioxidants

Chocolate is been found to be full of antioxidants. These antioxidants play an important role within our bodies by helping lower our blood pressure. It’s also known to decrease the amount of bad cholesterol whilst also increasing the amount of good cholesterol.

It Helps Maintain Blood Sugar Levels

Dark chocolate has been found to help with a body’s sensitivity to insulin, which translates to how well insulin can affect our bodies. As a result of the discovery, dark chocolate is used to lower the blood sugar levels of patients living with diabetes.

Both Cannabis and Chocolate are Found to Enhance a Person’s Mood

You could have probably guessed one of them to be a mood enhancer, but the other, maybe not as much. Either way, let’s talk about both of them and discuss their individual components which lead to all the mood-enhancing.

Cannabis as a Mood Enhancer

Let’s get the obvious one out of the way first. As previously mentioned, cannabis comprises of cannabinoids such as THC, CBD, and the like. All these ingredients within the herb directly lead to enhancing your state of being.

Chocolate as a Mood Enhancer

What most people wouldn’t know of is that even chocolate comes with the ability to enhance your mood via its composition. Chocolate is known to contain a compound called L-tryptophan. This compound works, especially, to produce serotonin and melatonin within the body.

Another one of chocolate’s ingredients is sugar, in the form of its carbohydrates. These also work by communicating with our body to increase its levels of serotonin. If you have a sweet tooth for eating quality and tasty chocolate bars, you’ve probably experienced the boost in serotonin we’re referring to.

Combining The Two

Now if those two weren’t enough on their own, you can combine the best of both those worlds. From having the delicious and tasty chocolate’s serotonin to the THC or CBD mood enhancers of the cannabis, you can live in the ultimate state of joy by consuming the required dosage of a cannabis edible.

Cannabis Chocolate Bars Come With an Indication to its Dosage and Ingredients

In the countries where it’s legal to buy and sell cannabis sweets and candies at a market, the manufacturing companies are required to put the amount of THC infused, or the CBD infused, within the product on labels on top of their packaging. These practices make it easy for consumers to buy weed products with a potency they are used to.

Aside from this, there is also a lot of other information relating to the ingredients of the entire product on the packaging. This allows people seeking to buy edibles to know exactly what they are consuming.

It provides a safer alternative

It’s less of a gamble buying edibles online as you can know the exact dose you’re getting. This would obviously be a lot more difficult to do when smoking or trying your hand at homemade cannabis edibles.

What Types of Cannabis Chocolates Are There?

There are different forms of cannabis chocolates and chocolate bars for you to choose from. Your choice will vary depending upon the type of high you’re going for and will most likely depend upon the amount of THC or CBD infused into the chocolate bar. In fact, manufacturing companies often group up their marijuana edibles based upon the main cannabinoid found within them. Since THC and CBD are the main cannabinoids, we can group together the three types of weed chocolates you’ll see whether you choose to buy cannabis edibles online or not.

THC Chocolate Edibles

THC edibles are made from infusing tasty treats with THC and often come with a high psychoactive effect. THC edibles have the power to leave you in a sense of relaxation and calm whilst also being extremely euphoric, due to the fact that THC stimulates the brain to give off dopamine.

Snax Milk Chocolate is one of the best THC edibles on the market. Made with 98% pure THC with a 10mg dose, it is bound to leave you in a happy and relaxed state.

CBD Chocolates

CBD edibles have been growing in popularity in recent years due to the therapeutic benefits its proving to have. It’s shown to have been helpful in cases of insomnia, anxiety, and even chronic pain.

CBD edibles also don’t come with any psychoactive effects and, thus, make for a good marijuana edible for anyone looking to attain the benefits of marijuana without having to be high.

Hybrid Chocolate Edibles

Lastly, we have a mix of the two. The hybrid chocolate is made by mixing THC and CBD in various ratios to provide the person consuming it with different effects. Hybrid edibles often lead to the consumer having an “Entourage Effect”.

Where to Buy Edibles Online in Canada

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