Stoned Beef Cow Jerky 300mg

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Cannabis infused beef jerky is the perfect grab and go snack. Our jerky is infused with cannabis in a simple and unique method. 

The first flavour that hits the palate is a light sweet along with a smoky, soy sauce. There’s a bit of garlic seasoning noticeable. The chewing brings on a lot of natural meat flavours, much like a grilled steak, along with some additional sweet.

This jerky clearly emphasizes what Mankind has loved since discovery of fire, smoked meat. It gives off a rich, steak-like flavour with a salivating smokiness that kept me reaching for piece-after-piece. The thick strips of meat add to the overall enjoyment, heightening one’s sense of carnivore contemplation.

This savoury weed snack is perfect for the carnivores and meat lovers of the world.

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