A Complete Guide to CBD Wax

A Complete Guide to CBD Wax

The CBD market is doing very well, especially now that more and more people are learning about the many benefits of this widely used cannabinoid. CBD is most known as a cannabinoid that doesn’t make you high, making it suitable for elderly and sick people.

The vast number of CBD products on the market shows how many people use them. Different kinds of people can benefit from various types of CBD products. One form of CBD product that is getting more and more popular is CBD wax. This guide will look at what it is, how it is made, and how it might help you.

What Is CBD Wax?

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is just out of more than a hundred cannabinoid compounds found in the Cannabis Sativa plant, also called “hemp.” Through a process called “homeostasis,” these cannabinoids help our bodies control some of their most essential functions.

Cannabinoids, such as CBD, interact with our endocannabinoid system (ECS), a network of receptors in both the central and peripheral nervous systems.

CBD wax is a cannabis concentrate that is becoming increasingly popular because of its strength. Since it is so concentrated, CBD wax makes it possible to get a lot of CBD while taking less product.

How Is CBD Wax Made?

Less than a decade ago, the extraction process of cannabis was almost unheard of. However, the extraction process is now prevalent in the cannabis industry. To make pure CBD wax, you need to know a lot and have more than enough experience. 

Generally, CBD wax concentrate is made by taking the CBD out of the hemp plant and heating it until it turns into a wax-like substance. How the extract is heated will change how the wax works and make a different kind of CBD wax.

Different ways of extracting CBD can be used to make CBD wax. Each process is a mix of art, science, and skill, leading to a product that is much stronger than anything else on the market. Some of the most common ways to make CBD wax are:

Butane Hash Oil Extraction (BHO)

As the name suggests, BHO extraction uses butane to extract all the essential oils in the cannabis plant, such as cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. When butane evaporates, it leaves a very concentrated substance. Even though BHO is a common way to get the oil out, it does have some problems.

Any leftover butane in the concentrate should be taken out because it could cause an explosion during production. Nevertheless, BHO extraction has been a popular method for many years.

CO2 Extraction

Another efficient and popular way to make CBD wax is through CO2 extraction. It uses carbon dioxide under pressure to get the cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids out of the plant. High pressure and heat are used to make the CO2 supercritical, which means it is both a liquid and a gas simultaneously. This process is also often called “supercritical CO2 extraction.”

Unlike butane, if there is any CO2 left in the concentrate after extraction, it just evaporates. This makes a “cleaner” CBD wax than those made with butane, so users can be sure they aren’t getting any solvents along with their CBD.

Types of CBD Wax

There are a few different kinds of CBD wax, and knowing the differences can help you decide which wax might be good for you. It is important to note that most of the time, companies won’t call their products “CBD wax.” Instead, they will name their products CBD shatter, CBD budder, CBD crumbles, CBD live resin, and so on. However, each of them is different. Let’s look at what makes each of them unique:

CBD Shatter

CBD shatter is different from CBD wax in terms of how it is made. It looks like broken glass, just like the name suggests. Some people might say it’s like rock candy. Shatter is made by heating or using chemicals to get the oil out. When it cools and starts to harden, it looks like amber-colored glass. 

CBD Shatter is one of the cleanest CBD waxes because it is refined repeatedly to get its final texture. It is a much harder, more brittle wax that breaks or “shatters” very quickly, hence the name. When heated to use, shatter becomes a thick, sticky liquid that looks like honey. Check out this article to know the differences between shatter and wax.

CBD Budder

CBD budder is made by forcing air through hemp at very high temperatures and pressures. This creates a soft wax that feels a lot like butter, which is where the name of this type of CBD wax comes from.

CBD Crumble

CBD crumble is made in a way similar to how budder is made, but it uses a CBD oil that is thicker and has more moisture. This creates a crumblier product than CBD budder and has a texture similar to feta cheese. Due to its texture, this type of wax is usually not recommended for people who want to “dab.”

CBD Live Resin

Fresh hemp is freeze-dried before extraction to make CBD live resin. When hemp is frozen first, more cannabinoids and terpenes are kept, creating what many people consider to be the “best of the best” in CBD wax. 

Other ways to get CBD wax out of hemp include dried or cured hemp. This is why it’s usually the most expensive option. Check out High Guy Skittlez Live Rosin, which is made with freshly frozen materials.

Example of hemp wax made from various cannabis strains

How to Use CBD Wax

CBD wax can be used in a few different ways. Dabbing and vaping are by far the most popular. Instead of burning the wax, like smoking would, dabbing and vaping heat it just enough to turn the CBD into a vapor you can inhale. Let’s look at how you can use CBD wax to decide what might work best for you.


At first, the whole process of dabbing might seem very strange, but it is straightforward to do once you know how. Putting CBD wax or CBD dab on a hot surface and inhaling it is called “flash vaporization.”

A “dab rig” is what you need when it comes to dabbing CBD. There are a plethora of dab rigs in all sizes and shapes. The nail, where the wax is vaporized, is one of the essential parts of a dab rig. Most of the time, the nail is made of ceramic, glass, or titanium, and a blowtorch is used to heat it.

All you have to do is put a little bit of CBD wax on the hot nail. It turns into vapor right away, which you can then smoke like you would from a traditional bong. If you know how to use a bong, you can also use one to smoke CBD wax. Just put the CBD wax in the bowl of your bong, light it, and take a hit like you usually would.


One of the most common ways of CBD consumption is vaping. Vaping CBD is convenient because you can take your vape pen with you wherever you go. There are a lot of vaporizers for concentrates on the market, and it’s crucial to spend your hard-earned money on a good one if you want the best experience possible. 

Vaporizers that aren’t very good won’t heat up enough to vaporize your CBD wax. Your best bet is to get a vaporizer with a heating chamber made of quartz crystal or ceramic and titanium coils. You can find live resin cartridges at Budlyft with quality live resin oils rich in terpenes and cannabinoids to deliver the ultimate vaping experience.

Benefits of CBD Wax

The most significant benefit of CBD wax is that it is powerful. When CBD wax is made right, it has a very high concentration of CBD and almost no leftover solvents. You won’t need too much CBD wax to get the effects you are aiming for. For instance, Peach OG Live Resin by Heat Makery delivers fast-acting and mellow effects due to its 15-20% THC content.

Even though not everyone gets the same benefits from CBD, many people have found that CBD wax works better than traditional methods like CBD tinctures or CBD capsules.

Since CBD is not a natural part of our diet, it can be taken as a food supplement to help the body, just like we might take a multivitamin to help our bodies work at their best.


What are the benefits of CBD wax?

It is claimed that CBD wax can provide instant pain relief and produce a sense of tranquility. Patients with arthritis may get some alleviation from their joint pain due to this treatment. Vaping, dabbing, eating edibles, or even just putting it under your tongue (sublingual consumption) are some of the many ways CBD wax can be ingested. If you want the full benefits of the medication far more quickly, use the sublingual method to allow CBD to enter your bloodstream faster.

How do you use wax CBD?

Dabbing is a standard method for using highly concentrated CBD extracts like CBD wax. Unlike the vaporization of e-liquids, highly concentrated extracts of CBD can likewise be inhaled as steam using a specialized apparatus. 

Place a bit of CBD wax on the hot nail to dab. The wax will transform into a cloud of vapor that you can inhale. Some vaporizers and vape pens are compatible with the use of CBD wax. However, you will need to purchase one made expressly for using CBD wax and other concentrates.

How do CBD dabs make you feel?

CBD wax will not get you high; instead, it will probably make you feel pleasantly relaxed without causing any significant psychoactive effects. This is because most CBD wax does not contain sufficient amounts of THC to make you high. In addition, CBD alone does not cause intoxication because it is not a psychoactive compound.

Is CBD wax strong?

CBD wax is highly concentrated, making it an excellent choice for individuals who are looking for CBD with a strong effect. It is believed that inhaled CBD has a very rapid onset of action and is quite effective. 

A CBD concentrate made correctly has the consistency of a thick, sticky, waxy, ultra-potent CBD substance. It is possible to vary the thickness of the product by making minute adjustments to the procedure, which can produce wax, budder, shatter, and other forms.

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