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What Are Terpenes?


Most people who use cannabis regularly would very much agree that one of the most enjoyable things about the plant is the scent produced by the plant’s flower. Since all the various flowers and strains of the cannabis plant can each create their own unique fragrance, which can smell like anything from cheese-like smells to a more fruity aroma, a cannabis user would have to evolve a certain degree of familiarity to discern a specific cannabis flowers’ chemical composition.

Shatter vs Wax: What are the Differences

Shatter Vs Wax

Concentrates like shatter and wax are quickly becoming best sellers in the cannabis industry and may even surpass the sale of marijuana flowers in the coming years. As more consumers of legal age try cannabis concentrates, the question arises: “What are the differences between shatter and wax?” Before answering that question, it is crucial to […]