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Hemp vs Weed: The Differences Explained

hemp vs. weed

Hemp vs Weed: The Differences Explained? Even though both hemp and marijuana (weed) come from cannabis, there are many essential differences between the two. Many people use hemp and marijuana interchangeably to discuss the same type of cannabis product, but this is inaccurate. Even though they are both types of cannabis, their legal status, uses, […]

Herb Approach vs. BudLyft – Why BudLyft is Superior

Herb Approach vs. BudLyft Banner

Who is Canada’s Most-Trusted Online Dispensary? When it comes to buying marijuana and marijuana-related products online in Canada, look no further than BudLyft, among Canada’s top online dispensaries for Mail Order Marijuana. Yes, you read that correct – you can now buy weed hassle-free from the comfort of your sofa! Some of you might have […]

Your Ultimate Guide to Moon Rocks

ultimate guide to moon rocks

People often say that marijuana moon rocks are the “champagne” of the cannabis industry. Some people also call these products “cannabis caviar.” Moon rocks are made of different kinds of cannabis products that are rolled together to make one very strong nug. The name comes from the fact that they look like pebbles you might […]