Best Sativa Strains You Can Buy Today

Best Sativa Strains You Can Buy Today

Have you ever heard of Sativa? It is one of the most popular strains of marijuana. Sativa strains are a variant of cannabis with distinguishable characteristics. Sativa is commonly known for producing effects of easing anxiety and depression, boosting creativity, and elevating serotonin levels. It produces what is described as a head high. In contrast, the effects created by Indica strains which commonly produce relaxing sensations, sleepiness, sedation, and couch-lock, are described as a body high.

Sativa has gained popularity among cannabis users thanks to its unique effects, though some users prefer products made from Indica strains. Sativa is comprised of many strains that have been created and bred over time. Some growers have incorporated Sativa strain types into hybrid combinations, creating new strain variants with unique effects. 

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What is Sativa?

Sativa is a strain or variant of the cannabis plant called Cannabis Sativa. It is among the most popular strains in the market alongside cannabis Indica. Sativa is a strain that flourishes primarily in hot, dry climates with long sunny days. Sativa plants are tall and thin with finger-like leaves. Sativa plants can grow taller than 12 feet and take longer to mature than other cannabis strains. 

Sativa is a go-to choice by many cannabis users for its unique effects. Sativa primarily produces energy-boosting results, boosting mood and creativity levels. This strain is preferred by users who want to experience a cannabis high without the couch-lock effects that other cannabis strains produce, especially by cannabis Indica. 

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Sativa is comprised of cannabinoids like those found in typical cannabis plants. Cannabinoids are compounds that produce psychoactive effects. In the Sativa strain, however, higher levels of THC are found compared to CBD- which produces less psychoactive effects while still delivering the full impact of cannabis. Cannabis Sativa strain has dominant THC cannabinoids, which gives the strain its unique results that focus more on boosting energy levels than CBD-dominant strain types, and other cannabis strains with a high CBD level. THC-dominant strains like Sativa offer more effects focused on relieving symptoms such as pain, inflammation, and anxiety.


Terpenes are natural chemical structures found in cannabis plants that ward off predators and attract pollinating insects. Terpenes are produced in the trichomes of the cannabis plant, which is where cannabinoids are also produced. The terpenes have the aroma and taste of the cannabis product when smoked, vaped, or consumed as an edible, where the essential oils produced from the trichomes are suspended.

In Sativa strains, terpenes are also produced in trichomes, providing cannabis Sativa with its distinct aroma and taste. Different types of trichomes and terpenes have other characteristics evident when a cannabis strain is grown; they usually produce strong aromas and taste when consumed.


THC is the main active compound produced in the cannabis plant. It is one of the primary cannabinoids responsible for producing the effects that cannabis is known for. THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol produces strong effects in the body once it has latched on to receptors in the endocannabinoid system. THC is responsible for most of the “highs” produced when consuming cannabis. 

THC is frequently credited with the intended recreational effects; however, THC is frequently used for symptoms including pain and nausea and generating appetite.

THC levels vary for each strain. Some strains, such as Indica and Indica-dominant hybrid strains, have higher THC content. THC levels in pure Indica strains are not that high compared to Sativa counterparts. Indica commonly has more CBD content unless mixed as a hybrid strain with other THC dominant Sativa strains.


CBD is another main active compound produced by cannabis. CBD, or Cannabidiol, is responsible for creating many effects associated with cannabis. Cannabidiol, also known as CBD, is the second most common active ingredient in marijuana. Being non-psychoactive, CBD is a crucial component of medicinal marijuana and is well known for providing numerous health advantages. Cannabidiol produces effects like THC and other cannabinoids, yet it delivers less psychoactive effects; this is one reason why some users prefer cannabis products with a high CBD content.  

Different Sativa Strains

Different types of Sativa strains have been cultivated and grown over the years. The resulting strain variants have varied effects that come from different parent strains. Most Sativa combinations are hybrids, often combined with Indica variants and strains from the Cannabis Ruderalis plant. Ruderalis and Indica combinations produce unique hybrid strains combined with Sativa, and the effects are also broad. Here are Sativa strains you can get from BudLyft.

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Jack Herer

Northern Lights #5, Shiva Skunk cross, and a Haze hybrid are all used to create the Sativa-dominant cannabis strain, Jack Herer. Jack Herer elevates the Sativa-related mental euphoria, and it has massive Indica resin production. The diverse phenotypes resulting from Jack Herer’s diverse genetic background each have distinctive characteristics and impacts.

Ghost Train Haze

Ghost Train Haze, a Sativa hybrid created by Rare Dankness, is a cross between Ghost OG and Neville’s Wreck. This strain produces dense buds covered in white, crystal-capped trichomes, unlike usual Sativas. It has pungent citrus and flowery perfume and delivers a strong dose of THC to treat pain, depression, and appetite loss; however, individuals prone to anxiety should avoid this powerful medicine.

Green Crack

The Sativa-dominant hybrid Green Crack, a longtime favorite, was created by inbreeding Skunk #1. While the Indica-heavy variation of this strain is less common, it is typically Sativa-dominant. The peak THC level of this addicting strain is a whopping 24 percent. It contains a 65:35 Sativa to Indica ratio. The high is unmistakably cerebral and comes with a strong mood lift and a burst of energy. Patients who take this strain experience increased creativity and productivity.

Pineapple Express

Pineapple Express has a 60:40 Sativa to Indica ratio and is a Sativa-dominant strain. It’s worth anticipating this strain’s gentle and pleasant body-numbing effect. The strain is sold as precisely weighted nuggets that resemble popcorn made of Styrofoam. Although it doesn’t taste sweet, the citrus undertones give it a weird fragrance. The flavor is unique and hints at pineapple when you breathe it in. Many medical conditions are treated with this strain, including anxiety and stress.

Blue Dream

Blue Dream is a potent hybrid strain that crosses the wildly popular Blueberry X Haze strains. It has a 60/40 Sativa/Indica ratio. This notorious strain has a broad spectrum of Sativa and Indica effects and a reasonably high THC content that averages between 17 and 24 percent. Users describe the Blue Dream high as having a rapid and intense start of an uplifting cerebral head high that leaves you feeling utterly inspired and concentrated. This is followed by a gentle, pain-free body high that leaves you warmed up and numb.

Sour Diesel

Sativa-dominant hybrid strain Sour Diesel, often known as “Sour D” or “Sour Deez,” has a 90:10 Sativa to Indica ratio. Some users assert it is a cross between Mexican Sativa and a Chemdog phenotype, whereas the majority say it is a cross between MassSuperSkunk and 91 Chemdog. In either case, you can unquestionably anticipate a high unlike any other. When smoking Sour Diesel, a heavy feeling and couch lock are not issues. Instead, you can expect a stimulating mental high that opens creative opportunities.

Durban Poison

The port city of Durban, South Africa, is where this Sativa strain is from. It has become well-known worldwide for its energizing, uplifting effects and delicious scent. When exploring the outdoors, staying productive throughout a hectic day, or used to inspire creativity, Durban Poison is the ideal strain.


The THC to CBD ratio is typically higher in Sativa strains, though this is not a hard and fast rule. Because of the THC, they produce a potent cerebral high that, at large doses, may even have psychedelic effects.

Sativa strains are frequently utilized to treat mental problems like depression due to their uplifting effects. Sativas can also be used medicinally to relieve pain, enhance focus and creativity, increase energy to fight exhaustion, and improve mood to lessen despair and anxiety.

Sativas typically produce a “head high” that is stimulating and invigorating. The Sativa high might assist in lowering stress while boosting mental clarity and creativity.

Depending on your chosen strain, your brain releases varying dopamine levels when you use cannabis. Dopamine has a role in several bodily processes, including blood flow and digestion. It is known as the “feel good” hormone. You may momentarily feel euphoric when your body is overrun with dopamine. Additionally, it leads to increased motivation, focus, and alertness.

Cannabis can potentially have undesirable side effects, just like any potent medication. With a Sativa strain, you are more likely to experience some of them than with an Indica strain, such as paranoia and anxiety. Sativa strains can be just as potent and have a profoundly uplifting influence on your mood. Taking a Sativa strain right before bed makes it impossible to fall asleep because they frequently boost energy and attention. Any marijuana you smoke may leave you lightheaded, but a high THC Sativa increases your chances of experiencing this. The urge to eat is another negative effect. When consuming any potent cannabis, cravings can be an issue. If you’re attempting to gain weight, this is a beneficial side effect, but if not, it can be bothersome and unhealthy.

What’s Best For You

Determining the best Sativa strain for your consumption depends on your preferences and the specific effects you wish to achieve. Selecting the best strain depends on your needs, current body state, and health conditions. Read more about Sativa and Indica strains here: Indica vs. Sativa Strains- The Best Strain For You

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Sativa Products You Can Buy Today

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If you are looking for a pick-me-up or an energizing boost, Sativa strains might be just what you need. These strains are known for their cerebral and uplifting effects, making them great for daytime use.

  • Durban Poison: This pure Sativa strain is popular among cannabis enthusiasts for its energizing and uplifting effects. It is known for its spicy and sweet smell, reminiscent of anise or licorice. Durban Poison is perfect for daytime use. It can generate energy and creativity without causing drowsiness or lethargy. Its high is clear-headed and focused, so it is an ideal choice for social situations or creative endeavors.
  • Green Crack: Despite its name, this Sativa strain is a favorite among cannabis users for its potent energizing effects. It has a fruity and tropical aroma reminiscent of mango or pineapple. Green Crack provides energy and creativity, which is great for daytime use. It can help boost focus and motivation and is often used to combat fatigue or stress.
  • Sour Diesel: This Sativa-dominant strain has a distinctive diesel-like aroma that can be off-putting to some but is beloved by others. It has cerebral effects, which can boost energy and focus. Sour Diesel is a popular choice among creative professionals or those who need to stay alert and focused throughout the day. It can also help combat symptoms of depression or anxiety.
  • Jack Herer: This Sativa strain has a piney and earthy aroma reminiscent of a forest. It provides a euphoric and uplifting high that can boost creativity and motivation. Jack Herer is a popular choice among artists, musicians, and those who need to stay focused and productive throughout the day.
  • Strawberry Cough: This sweet and fruity Sativa strain is a favorite among cannabis users for its uplifting effects. It’s perfect for a daytime pick-me-up, as it can provide a burst of creativity and energy without causing anxiety or paranoia. Strawberry Cough is known for its smooth and pleasant smoke and is often used to combat stress or depression.
  • Super Silver Haze: This Sativa-dominant hybrid has a skunky and citrusy aroma that can be off-putting to some but is beloved by others. It provides a clear-headed and uplifting high that’s perfect for social situations. Super Silver Haze can help boost mood and motivation and is often used to combat symptoms of depression or anxiety.
  • Trainwreck: This potent Sativa strain has a spicy and earthy aroma that can overwhelm some users. It provides a burst of creativity and energy, ideal for those who need to stay productive throughout the day. However, its intensity can be too much for some users, and it may cause anxiety or paranoia in those sensitive to its effects.
  • Maui Wowie: This classic Sativa strain has a sweet and tropical aroma that can transport you to a beach in Hawaii. It provides an energetic and uplifting high, perfect for outdoor activities or socializing with friends. Maui Wowie is known for its euphoric and happy effects and is often used to combat stress or anxiety.
  • Chocolope: This chocolatey and sweet Sativa strain provides a euphoric and energizing high that’s perfect for work or study. It can boost creativity and focus, making it a great choice for those who need to stay productive throughout the day. Chocolope is known for its smooth and pleasant smoke and is often used to combat symptoms of depression or anxiety.
  • Ghost Train Haze Sativa: Ghost Train Haze Sativa is a potent strain perfect for those needing extra help staying focused and productive. This strain has a citrusy aroma and is known for its uplifting and energizing effects. This is great for those needing to stay on task and finish things.
  • Amnesia Haze Sativa: Amnesia Haze Sativa is a popular strain known for its potent, long-lasting effects. This strain has an earthy and sweet aroma and can help you stay focused, creative, and productive throughout the day.

When choosing the suitable Sativa strain for you, it is essential to consider your individual needs and preferences. For example, some strains may be more potent, while others may have a more pleasant aroma or taste. 

Overall, Sativa strains are an excellent choice for those who need a little extra boost throughout the day. Whether you want to stay focused and productive or just need a little pick-me-up, there is a Sativa strain for you. Try one of these strains today and see how it can help you stay energized and focused.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Sativa, and how is it different from Indica?

Sativa is a cannabis strain that makes people feel more energized and happy. Sativa strains are usually used during the day and can give you a burst of creativity and energy, while Indica strains tend to make you feel more relaxed and sleepy. Indica plants are shorter and have bigger leaves than Sativa plants. Sativa plants are also taller and have thinner leaves. People often recommend Sativa strains to people who want to be more productive, creative, or focused, while Indica strains are often used to relax and relieve stress. 

How do I choose the best Sativa strain for me?

Your needs and preferences will determine which Sativa strain is best for you. It is important to consider the effects you want, the strain’s strength, and how it smells and tastes. If you have never tried cannabis before, it is best to start with a strain that isn’t as strong so you won’t experience any side effects. To find the best Sativa strain for your needs, read reviews and recommendations from other users or talk to a budtender at a dispensary. Try different strains until you find one that works best for you.

What are the benefits of using Sativa strains?

Sativa strains have many possible benefits, such as more energy and creativity, better focus and productivity, and a high that makes you happy and uplifted. Sativa strains may also help with depression, anxiety, and stress. But, it is important to remember that everyone reacts to cannabis differently, and results may vary. Sativa strains may also help people who need pain relief but do not want to feel sleepy, a common effect of Indica strains. Also, Sativa strains may make you feel less nauseous and increase your appetite. This can be helpful for people going through chemotherapy or who have a medical condition that makes them lose their appetite.

Are Sativa strains legal in Canada?

Yes, Sativa strains are legal in Canada. The Cannabis Act, which made cannabis use legal for recreational purposes in 2018, says so. This includes all kinds of cannabis, like Sativa, Indica, and hybrid strains. But it is important to remember that there are still rules about buying, having, and using cannabis. For example, there are age limits and limits on how much cannabis you can have in public. It is also important to buy cannabis from a licensed store and use it responsibly, following your area’s rules.

Where can I buy the best Sativa strains in Canada?

In Canada, you can buy Sativa strains legally from licensed cannabis stores in person or online. Many licensed stores nationwide sell high-quality Sativa strains, such as BudLyft. Also, many provinces let private stores sell cannabis products, so you may be able to find a dispensary near you that has a wide range of Sativa strains. Buy cannabis from a licensed store to ensure it is safe and of good quality and to follow local laws and rules.