Best Indica Strains That You Can Buy Today

Best Indica Strains That You Can Buy Today

Indica is one of the most popular strains known in the Cannabis market. Indica strains are widely sought after by cannabis users, both for medical and recreational use, thanks to their unique set of effects that causes deep relaxation. Indica strains have contrasting effects compared to Sativa strains. As Sativa strains offer energy-boosting results, Indica strains focus more on relaxation and relief from heavy sensations, such as pain. For this reason, Cannabis Indica strains are preferred by users who want a more relaxed state of mind and body after consumption. Indica also has a specific cannabinoid content with higher levels of CBD than THC. This allows Indica to have more relaxing effects without inducing any psychoactive effects. 

Cannabis plants are short and bushy and typically grow only three or four feet high. Indica buds are denser than Sativa buds but less sticky than Sativa buds. Indica plants have shorter branches than Cannabis Sativa plants and have broader leaves with darker hues of green. 

Indica strains are unique and different compared to other marijuana strains. Their cannabinoid content has higher levels of CBD, allowing it to produce effects of relaxation, pain relief, and inducing soothing sensations. A higher CBD content in Indica’s cannabinoid compounds enables these unique results to take effect once consumed. 

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What Is Indica 

Indica is a strain or a variant of cannabis and is a part of the Cannabaceae family which are flowering plants. They can be found in many regions worldwide, and many strains have evolved to adapt to particular climates. Cannabis species or cultivars from the desert and mountains are known as Indica strains. It has adapted to cool, dry regions and grows noticeably short and bushy. A thorough inspection of an Indica when developing will reveal tight buds and dense leaves. This is because the cannabis Indica species is skilled at conserving water for its survival in the wild. Indica is well known for producing effects of relaxation and body high, compared to a head high that Cannabis Sativa makes.

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Indica cannabinoid levels are high in CBD or Cannabidiol. A high cannabinoid content with high Cannabidiol concentrations enables Indica to induce relaxing and soothing sensations once consumed. Effects produced by Indica quickly come into force as well; as soon as cannabinoid compounds react with the cannabinoid receptors in the body, different cannabinoid compounds rapidly respond with the body, kickstarting various reactions and processes in the body and the brain, inducing a feeling of being “high.”

When consuming Indica strains, it is essential to note what effects this strain produces. Indica can be made into various products, such as cannabis extract, Edible cannabis products, cannabis-based oils, tinctures, and more. 

Different Indica Strains

Marijuana plants have different varieties, called strains, which possess varying characteristics and different levels of cannabinoid content. Some strains contain higher levels of certain cannabinoid compounds, such as cannabidiol and tetrahydrocannabinol. Aside from differences in physical traits, Cannabis strains have varying levels of the cannabinoid content, and this is a significant factor in differentiating strains. Cannabis strains produce different reactions once cannabinoid compounds have entered the endocannabinoid system and made contact. The endocannabinoid receptor, including the CB1 and CB2 receptors, are the parts of the endocannabinoid system responsible for causing the reactions induced in the body when active compounds from marijuana are absorbed. 

Indica and Sativa both have varying levels of cannabinoid compounds. Indica has higher CBD content as compared to Sativa. Cannabis Sativa, on the other hand, has higher THC levels among its cannabinoid compounds. This makes Indica produce more relaxing and soothing effects, producing the Couch-lock body high sensations that Indica is known for. On the other hand, Sativa induces more energy-boosting feelings, creating a head-high experience due to its abundant THC levels among its cannabinoid compounds. 

Hybrid strains combine two or more strains cross-bred to form a new strain. This new strain would possess characteristics from its parent strains, producing an altogether new strain, which is now a hybrid. Depending on its parent strains, a hybrid may have varying levels of cannabinoids. Hybrid marijuana can be a mix of Sativa, Indica, and cannabis Ruderalis strains. Shop from a wide variety of Indica products here at BudLyft!

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Choosing the Best Indica Strain for You

When choosing the best indica strain for your needs, you must consider your existing medical symptoms and personal preferences. If you are looking for a strain to help you relax and unwind, the strains listed above might help you feel better.

In conclusion, many different indica strains are available today, each with unique effects and aromas. By doing your research and choosing the right strain for your needs, you can enjoy the many benefits of this powerful and relaxing plant.

Indica strains are popular due to their relaxing effects and are often used to treat anxiety, insomnia, and chronic pain. This article will explore the best indica strains you can buy today.

  • OG Kush – This strain is known for its relaxing and euphoric effects, which can help to relieve stress and anxiety. It also has an earthy and piney aroma, which can be quite pungent.
  • Blackberry Kush – This Indica strain is known for its sweet and fruity flavor, reminiscent of ripe blackberries. It has relaxing and sedative effects, which can help to ease tension and promote restful sleep.
  • Purple Urkle – This strain is known for its deep purple color and sweet grape-like aroma. It is also known for its relaxing and sedative effects, which can help to ease muscle tension and promote relaxation.
  • Skywalker OG – This hybrid strain has Indica-dominant effects, perfect for a relaxing and euphoric high. It has an earthy and spicy aroma with hints of citrus and diesel.
  • Master Kush – This Indica strain is known for its potent sedative effects, which can help to ease pain and promote relaxation. It also has an earthy and spicy aroma with notes of pine and citrus.
  • Cherry Pie – This Indica-dominant hybrid strain is known for its sweet and fruity flavor, with notes of cherry and earthy undertones. It has relaxing and mood-boosting effects, making it a great choice if you want to unwind after a long day.
  • Biscotti – This Indica-dominant hybrid strain is known for its sweet and nutty flavor, with hints of vanilla and spices. It also has relaxing and mood-boosting effects, which can help to ease stress and promote a sense of calm.
  • Critical Kush – This Indica-dominant hybrid strain is known for its potent sedative effects, which can help to ease pain and promote relaxation. It also has an earthy and spicy aroma with hints of pine and citrus.
  • Northern Lights – This classic Indica strain is known for its earthy aroma and relaxing effects. Northern Lights is often used to treat anxiety, depression, and chronic pain.
  • Blueberry – This is another popular Indica strain known for its sweet, fruity aroma. This strain often treats insomnia, anxiety, and chronic pain. Blueberry has a high THC content, so it should be used cautiously.
  • Purple Kush – This potent Indica strain is known for its earthy aroma and relaxing effects. It is often used to treat anxiety, insomnia, and chronic pain.


Four hundred eighty chemicals that the cannabis plant produces are referred to as cannabinoids. They are the active components that give marijuana its psychoactive effects. Different types of weed have different levels of cannabinoid content. Indica and Sativa strains have varying levels of cannabinoids, with Indica having more cannabidiol and Sativa having more tetrahydrocannabinol. Cannabinoid content is responsible for determining the amount of psychoactive, relaxing, energizing, and soothing sensations induced by the specific strain. Some cannabis strains have more cannabinoid varieties, but most cannabinoid compounds mainly include THC, and CBD, with other subvariants present, such as delta-9 THC.

There are also synthetic cannabinoids, such as the HU-210. Synthetic cannabinoids are manufactured cannabinoid compounds designed to attach to the same cannabinoid receptor parts that natural cannabinoid compounds attach to. These cannabinoids may be placed in cannabis extract, oil, or smoked cannabis products. Cannabis smoking is one of the main ways of consuming weed and is a fast way of making cannabinoids enter the system.


One of the most well-known cannabinoids is THC or tetrahydrocannabinol. The component in marijuana is what gives consumers a high and cheerful feeling. Additionally, it excels at advantages, including pain relief.

The THC content of many marijuana strains with an Indica dominant phenotype is very high. This fails to explain why Indica strains can still make consumers feel calm and relaxed when THC is known to raise heart rate and occasionally even anxiety. THC is only one piece of the puzzle; it interacts with other cannabinoids to help reduce its stimulating effects.


CBD, or cannabidiol, is the main active compound produced by the cannabis plant. It is a cannabinoid and is responsible for making effects that cannabis is known for inducing once consumed. THC has intoxicating effects, but CBD doesn’t give you a happy feeling. CBD is effective at reducing panic and anxiety episodes. Additionally, effective at reducing seizures, CBD-rich strains are advantageous for those who have epilepsy. Children with Dravet syndrome, a disorder that appears in infancy and produces crippling seizures, are routinely treated with CBD oil. Additionally, researchers have found that CBD can counteract THC’s intoxicating effects.

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What Indica Does To Your Body

Indica is valued for its highly calming effects. Additionally, it could lessen pain and nausea while boosting appetite. Indica is best used at night because it has strong sedative effects. Afghan Kush, Granddaddy Purple, and the Hindu Kush are three well-liked Indica varieties. The effects of Indica on the body are frequently described as “stoned” or “body highs.” This indicates that its effects are more felt throughout the body than in the head. While Indica frequently induces relaxation and sleep in users, it also frequently heightens perceptions, including hearing, touch, and aroma. Its high can also be described as a sluggish, even “lazy body high.”

While it is quite calming, it occasionally causes a heavy body feeling that makes most users merely sit down and unwind. Couch lock is the term used to describe this phenomenon. Although Indica strains occasionally stimulate some creative thought, their attention spans are often shorter.

Relief is at the center of Indica’s most noticeable effects. Stress, anxiety, migraines, bodily pain, and even spasms can all be relieved with Indica. Additionally, it can help one relax their muscles and lessen the number of seizures they could have. Indica eases motion sickness and supports mental health.

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Indica side effects include:

  • Couchlock. Because marijuana includes THC, it makes us feel high. Phytocannabinoids are the name for cannabis constituents (including THC and CBD). Due to their more significant than normal CBD concentration, some Indica strains may help treat ailments like chronic pain. Another reason why many patients choose Indicas, particularly for nighttime use, is that CBD is known to promote sleep.
  • Lack of Coordination. Lack of coordination and motivation can also result from an Indica body high.
  • The Munchies. While it’s true that any cannabis strain can give users “the munchies,” Indica strains are more frequently blamed for this phenomenon.
  • Anxiety. THC has some intriguing properties, one of which is its ability to bring anxiety to low levels. However, it can cause it at greater doses.
  • Cottonmouth. Any strain with a high THC level may cause cottonmouth, often known as dry mouth. It happens when the cannabis hits salivary gland receptors, slowing down saliva production.

Endocannabinoid System

Think of the brain’s central nervous system, which includes the endocannabinoid system, as a network of electrical outlets. These receptors, sometimes called cannabinoid outlets, are activated, and particular things occur when different substances plug into them. The receptors regulate appetite, mood, memory, locomotion, and mood. What substances attach to the cannabinoid receptors in the brain? Three distinct types exist. Endocannabinoids, which are naturally produced substances in the brain, come first. Endocannabinoids like anandamide, also referred to as “the pleasure molecule,” are among them (which is also found in chocolate).

Synthetic or cannabis-based chemicals made in a lab can also elicit a response from cannabinoid receptors. Last but not least, the phytocannabinoids—natural cannabinoids found in marijuana plants—perfectly bind to cannabinoid receptors to produce various effects.

The type of cannabinoid injected determines the effects that are generated. Each marijuana strain has a wide variety of cannabinoids that, among other things, can increase heart rate, cure pain, induce euphoria, and induce drowsiness. The advantages of cannabis for health are a result of these effects. The kind and quantity of cannabinoids in marijuana determine the impact it has on you.

What’s Best For You

Your particular preferences and the exact effects you want to accomplish will determine which Indica strain is optimal for you to consume. Your optimal strain will depend on your personal needs, present physical condition, and pre-existing medical issues. Consumption practices must be aligned with your specific needs to determine proper dosage and intervals. Factors such as tolerance levels and ongoing medicinal treatments should always be considered during cannabis use, regardless of the strain. Read more about Sativa and Indica strains here: Indica vs. Sativa Strains – The Best Strain For You.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Indica strain?

An Indica strain is a type of cannabis plant known for its relaxing and sedative effects on the body. It typically has more cannabinoids, like CBD, known for their calming and pain-relieving properties. Indica strains are often used for medicinal purposes, as they can help to ease symptoms like pain, anxiety, and insomnia. They are also popular among recreational users who enjoy the mellow, relaxed feeling that Indica strains can provide. In terms of appearance, Indica strains typically are shorter and bushier than Sativa strains, with broad leaves and a more pungent aroma.

How do I choose the best Indica strain for me?

Choosing the best Indica strain for you depends on what effects you are looking for. Indica strains often induce relaxing and sedative effects. So, if you are looking for a strain to help with sleep or anxiety, an Indica strain might be a good choice. You should also consider the flavor and aroma of the strain, as well as its potency and THC/CBD levels. Researching and reading reviews from other users is a good idea to find a strain that matches your preferences. It is also essential to buy your cannabis from a reputable source to ensure quality and safety.

What are the benefits of using Indica strains?

Indica strains have several potential benefits, thanks to their relaxing and sedative effects. Some of the most common benefits of using Indica strains include relief from pain, anxiety, and insomnia. Indica strains can also help to promote relaxation and reduce stress levels. They may also have anti-inflammatory properties, which can be helpful for those with conditions like arthritis. Additionally, Indica strains can provide a mild euphoric effect, boosting mood and creativity. However, do note that the benefits of Indica strains can vary depending on the individual and the specific strain being used.

Are all Indica strains the same?

No, not all Indica strains are the same. While Indica strains share similar characteristics, like their relaxing and sedative effects, their specific properties can vary widely. Different strains can have different levels of cannabinoids like THC and CBD and different terpene profiles that can affect their flavor and aroma. Indica strains can also have different effects on the body, with some being more potent or providing a different type of high than others. Researching and reading reviews is essential to find a strain that matches your preferences and needs.

How do I know if a specific Indica strain is available in Canada?

To know if a specific Indica strain is available in Canada, you can search for licensed cannabis retailers or online dispensaries that sell cannabis products. You can also check the website of Health Canada, the governing body responsible for regulating cannabis in Canada, for a list of licensed producers and retailers. Many retailers will provide information about the strains they carry on their website, including the specific properties of the strain and its availability. It is important to note that availability can vary depending on the location and the demand for the specific strain.

How can I purchase the best Indica strains in Canada?

To purchase the best Indica strains in Canada, you must be of legal age. You can then search for licensed cannabis retailers or online dispensaries that sell cannabis products. Many retailers and online dispensaries will provide information about the strains they carry on their websites, including the specific properties of the strain, its availability, and pricing.

Are there any side effects of using Indica strains?

Like any cannabis product, Indica strains can have potential side effects. These can include dry mouth, dry eyes, dizziness, fatigue, and increased appetite. Indica strains have relaxing and sedative effects, so it is essential to be mindful of your dose to avoid overconsumption and potential adverse effects. Additionally, cannabis use can affect cognitive function and impair coordination, so avoiding driving or operating heavy machinery while under the influence is essential. As with any new substance, starting with a lower dose and gradually increasing it is recommended to determine your tolerance and desired effects.

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