CBD Tincture vs. CBD Oil Which One Is Better for You?

CBD Tincture vs. CBD Oil Which One Is Better for You

CBD is one of the highly in-demand compounds in the cannabis plant. It can be taken in many ways, such as through gummies and vapes. Its products, such as CBD oil and tincture, have become popular because it has many medical and therapeutic benefits without making people feel high.

CBD oil is becoming increasingly popular as a great cannabinoid that can act as pain and inflammation treatment and help with anxiety disorders, insomnia, and other problems, without getting you “high.”

People worldwide are learning about the health benefits of CBD tinctures and oils. Even though some companies use the same names for all CBD products, how the products work, how you use the products, and the pros and cons make a huge difference.

In this article, we’ll examine the main differences between CBD tinctures and oils to decide which works best for you and why.

What Is CBD?

CBD is one of many phytochemicals found in the Cannabis sativa plant. Even though the World Health Organization (WHO) and leading research agree that CBD use could have many health benefits and few short-term side effects, more research is still needed to learn about the long-term effects.

Along with THC, CBD has become popular over the past years. The CBD industry now sells a wide range of hemp-derived CBD products, such as tinctures and oils. Even though both products are similar and have many of the same benefits, they are made differently and have different ingredients.

What Is CBD Oil?

CBD oil is an extract from the hemp plant’s seeds, flowers, and stalks. In addition to cannabinoids, there are also fatty acids, protein, essential vitamins, and other nutrients in CBD oil. It is the most potent and expensive form of CBD, which can also serve as the main ingredient of other CBD-derived products. In fact, people are now putting CBD into food and drinks for a more natural way to take it.

Studies show that CBD affects the endocannabinoid system in a good way. Because the oil is so strong, you only need two or three teaspoons of it per day. But your body weight, goals, and other things can help you figure out the right amount of CBD to take.


Base oils or carrier oils are what CBD oils are made of. Some examples of carrier oils often used in CBD oil production are coconut oil, hemp seed oil, MCT oil, and vegetable glycerin. Because of these base oils, CBD is diluted, which makes it easier for the body to absorb. 

What Is a CBD Tincture?

The word “tincture” refers to any medicine that includes alcohol in the production process. CBD tinctures are not completely similar to CBD oil, even though both are made from hemp.

CBD tinctures are made of CBD that is suspended under 60–70% alcohol. These tinctures are mostly made from liquid hemp extracts mixed with alcohol, glycerin, or natural flavorings. If you want to learn how to make your own CBD tincture, here is a complete guide to CBD tinctures.

Tinctures can be taken in the same way as CBD oil. The most common method of using both products is sublingual, which means under the tongue. 

Unlike CBD oil, tinctures only have a small amount of CBD. In addition, CBD tinctures are better at getting into the body than CBD oil. The reason is that tinctures have alcohol in them. It keeps CBD from going bad and makes it last longer.


The amount of CBD in tincture is less than in oil. It is mainly because other ingredients were added to improve the taste. These components include essential oils, sweeteners, water, herbs, and melatonin.

How to Use CBD Oils and Tinctures

When using any cannabis product, it is essential to follow all of the directions on the package and not take more than what is written on the label. Start with the smallest amount possible if you have never used CBD before. Once you know how the drug affects your body, you can slowly increase the amount you take.

You can also put CBD oils and tinctures in your food and drinks. But it will be better to choose tinctures if you want to add CBD to an edible because CBD oils won’t probably mix well, and some may leave an unpleasant oily taste. Tinctures that dissolve in water tend to mix well with food and drinks.

Lastly, you can also put CBD oil on your skin directly, but you shouldn’t do this with tinctures because it won’t work and may irritate the skin. Before putting on CBD oil, you may also want to do a patch test to see if you are allergic to the substance.

Differences Between Pure CBD Oil vs. Tincture

CBD tinctures and CBD oils differ in various factors. Take a look at the list of factors below that makes these products different from each other:


CBD oil is made with two main components: cannabidiol and carrier oil. On the other hand, alcohol and cannabidiol are the main ingredients in CBD tincture. However, CBD oil may also contain additional ingredients to mask the taste of the hemp plants and add more therapeutic and medicinal benefits to the product. No matter what they are made of, CBD tinctures and oils both have the same healing effects. You can use them to relieve pain, stress, anxiety, etc.

Method of Consumption

CBD oil is primarily used in vaping. On the other hand, CBD tinctures are easy to take in because it is made of alcohol and can be mixed with food. CBD oils and tinctures are primarily used in the same way. People often take CBD products by mouth. Because of this, CBD products usually come in a variety of flavors.

CBD oils and tinctures can be taken sublingually by putting one full dropper of the product under your tongue and letting it stay there for at least a minute before swallowing.


CBD oil may have an unpleasant taste when taken by mouth because its additional ingredient, the carrier oil, cannot fully mask the taste of hemp. Conversely, tinctures come in different flavors and are quickly absorbed when put under the tongue.


CBD tinctures have a longer shelf life than oil since they are made with alcohol, which acts as a preservative. A cloudy thing in the oil is a sign that the CBD oil has gone bad. CBD products will last longer if you keep them out of direct sunlight.

Extraction Method

The way CBD is taken out is also a difference between CBD tinctures and oils. Carbon dioxide is used to make CBD oil, but alcohol is used to make tinctures.

Heat and pressure from carbon dioxide are used to separate CBD from the plant to make CBD oil. Most manufacturers think this is the fastest and most effective way to get the substance out. It is also safe for the environment. A CBD tincture is usually made by letting cannabis soak in alcohol and then slowly heating the mixture.


The price of any CBD product depends on how strong it is, how well it works, how it was extracted, and so on. The price of 450mg of CBD tincture starts at $70, but high-quality CBD oil is usually more expensive than a tincture.

A man trying a full spectrum CBD tincture

Tips on Buying CBD Oils and CBD Tinctures

  • Before buying CBD oil or a tincture, talk to a healthcare professional. A doctor can help ensure it is safe for you to use the product and that it won’t interact with any medications you are already taking. They may also recommend some approved nonprescription CBD products for you.
  • Check this CBD tinctures guide to see which type of CBD tincture you should buy and how much of the product you should use.
  • Currently, the FDA does not have any rules about CBD products. Thus, some CBD product labels bought online may be wrong. So, when purchasing CBD oils or tinctures, look for products that:
    • Contain no more than 0.3% THC
    • Have proof of third-party testing by an ISO/IEC 17025-accredited laboratory
    • Pass tests for pesticides, heavy metals, mold, and microbes
    • Pass product potency evaluations and safety testing
    • Are not from a company that has received an FDA warning letter
    • They are made by a company whose products all come with certificates of analysis.

CBD Oils vs. Tinctures FAQs

Are CBD tinctures and oils legal?

In 2018, hemp and hemp products were removed from the list of illegal drugs under the Farm Bill. But CBD products with more than 0.3% THC are still considered marijuana by the law. Under the Farm Bill, hemp and products made from hemp are legal as long as the amount of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) in them is less than 0.3%. Nevertheless, you might want to look up the laws in your state.

Which is better, CBD oil or tincture?

Only the users can answer the question. One easy way of finding the answer is by determining how you will use the product. If you intend to mix the product with food and drinks, then CBD tinctures are the best choice since they are water-soluble and taste better. On the other hand, given that CBD oil is only made of cannabidiol and carrier oil, it is best for vaping since they have a greater CBD content.

Does CBD tincture give you a high?

No. Legal CBD tinctures should contain no more than 0.3% THC. Thus, these products are not potent enough to cause high or strong psychoactive effects. Remember that most marijuana products containing high THC content can cause severe psychoactive side effects and may even lead to Hallucinogen Persisting Perception Disorder. In this long-lasting syndrome, you may have a spontaneous recurrence of visual disturbances reminiscent of those generated while intoxicated with hallucinogens.

Do you swallow CBD tincture?

Yes. The most common way of using CBD tinctures is through the sublingual method. Here, you will put the tincture under your tongue and let it stay there for at least a minute before swallowing. This method of using CBD is believed to be the fastest way of getting the effects of the substance. This is because the product will be directly transported to the bloodstream via the capillaries in your tongue.

How potent is CBD tincture?

CBD tinctures are sold in various potencies to cater to the cannabis consumers’ needs. Budlyft CBD tinctures come in 400mg, 450mg, 470mg, 900mg, 1000mg, and 1500mg varieties. Whichever you choose, ensure that you only take a small amount for your first try. You can slowly increase to the full amount recommended in the product packaging. Ideally, you should wait for at least 20 minutes to feel the effects and assess whether you should add more or not.


CBD in a liquid form can highly benefit users. The CBD extract can be manufactured as oil and tincture, which can be used discreetly and have almost no psychoactive effects. Now that you know the facts and differences between the two, you can figure out which option is best for you.

Most of the time, it’s up to the person to choose between oil and tincture. Even if you are worried about how CBD tastes, how to take it, or how much it costs, there are many benefits to taking CBD-infused products for your overall health.

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