Super Silver Haze Strain Review


Here in our 2022 guide to the best Sativa strains for creativity, we’ll start by telling you more about Super Silver Haze, which is among the best Sativa strains in Canada today. And this strain doesn’t go unnoticed, too, as it continues to garner plenty of awards through the years, including the top prize at the High Times Cannabis Cup for three consecutive years (From 1997 to 1999). The Super Silver Haze strain hasn’t faded in popularity since then. It’s still highly admired and coveted by plenty of cannabis smokers. This proves that the geniuses behind this strain — That would be Dutch company Green House Seeds — Have created a legendary cannabis strain that has left a significant impact in the cannabis industry and will undoubtedly continue to make waves for decades to come.

So if you want to find a cannabis strain that’s bound to make you feel euphoric, energetic, uplifted and focused, then Super Silver Haze is the best one for you. It is a cannabis strain that’s popular among many cannabis enthusiasts and has been described as cool – Or in their slang, “Dank.”

Where Did Super Silver Haze Come From?

Super Silver Haze has a rather impressive genetic lineage, which goes from three different types of reefer strains, namely: Skunk no. 1, which is a hybrid strain, the Northern Lights strain, which is a cannabis Indica strain, and the Haze strain, a cannabis Sativa strain. Many of these are parents of the best Sativa strains for creativity in the country today, which we’ll discuss in more detail later in this guide.

And going back to where we left off, Super Silver Haze is a cannabis strain that’s a cross between two cannabis Sativa-based strains: Skunk no. 1 and Haze. This means that the Super Silver Haze comes from a combination of the three highest-rated buds on the planet, as of this writing. The strain’s impressive family tree is perhaps one of the reasons why it has gained plenty of recognition and is loved by smokers everywhere.

When it comes to the strain’s genetics, the Super Silver Haze strain has over 70 percent Sativa and 30 percent indica. This is a pretty decent balance. The indica in the strain ensures that you’ll still feel relaxed while high on Super Silver Haze, without giving you anxiety or stress. 

Green House Seeds took their time cultivating and growing the Super Silver Haze. It’s a cannabis strain that’s skilfully grown and precisely bred. Its popularity has made the company behind it into a household name. They grew the strain from a crop of seeds they obtained during the 90s and have been selling it since. True to its name, the company has described Super Silver Haze as a “super” strain, which can pretty much change your view of the world positively, especially if you happen to feel either physically or mentally exhausted. 

Effects of Smoking Super Silver Haze

When smoking this particular strain, you can still retain a sense of calmness, but you’ll feel energized at the same time. This combination is just excellent if you’re a busy person who always has a packed schedule. The Super Silver Haze strain carries a sizable THC content of 23%, which is slightly higher than the usual 18% THC commonly found in some of the best Sativa strains for creativity in Canada this year. All in all, this makes Super Silver Haze a Sativa-based strain that works as an excellent pick-me-up if you’ve had a stressful day. 

This strain is just excellent because the high is bound to keep you up all day and helps you focus on your daily tasks at hand. It’ll indeed become your go-to cannabis bud, allowing it to transform your pot-smoking Haze into focused and usable energy instead.

As you smoke the Super Silver Haze strain, it’ll give you a balanced blend of body and mind high. It keeps you feeling relaxed but energized. Though if you’re tired, it’s likely to help you sleep instead. And the reason why people enjoy smoking Super Silver Haze is that not only can it relax your mind and body in one go, but this strain also helps clear out all of the noise that comes with real life. This sensation can last for a couple of hours.

Flavor, Scent and Appearance of Super Silver Haze

As its name implies, Super Silver Haze has a skunky taste to it, although some smokers report tasting hints of citrus and diesel. But despite Super Silver Haze’s harsh flavor, it does give you an incredible high, and it’s also known to treat nerve pain.

The aroma of this strain’s fresh buds is quite pleasant, but not in a way that you’d expect. The reason for this is that the strain itself doesn’t contain any aroma akin to candy or anything sweet – However, it appeals to a more dynamic aspect of sense. Smokers have described super Silver Haze’s scent as diesel-like, sage-like, spicy and even skunky (Most likely a trait inherited from one of its parent strains). This blend of scents can surely help you savor its flavors more. 

And talking about taste, the Super Silver Haze strain can carry citrus notes. But overall, it’s got an earthy, spicy, herbal and somewhat sour flavor.

Meanwhile, the appearance of its plants contains a beautiful and wide assortment of muted and cool tones that gradually become brighter as it reaches the tips of the plant. It’s got tastes and smells that many of our fellow Canadian weed lovers refer to as “piney” and “fruity,” providing you with an excellent feel-good sensation as you smoke it. Many of the country’s cannabis smokers say they like this sensation, giving this strain another good reason why it’s such a hit in Canada this 2022. 

Super Silver Haze gets its name from the plant’s THC content, which appears silvery in color. You can fully expect your plants to start developing buds that appear sticky, long and contain a starting THC level of at least 20%.

When fully grown, these plants tend to grow tall. This means that you still need to take a couple of steps to help manage their growth. This includes limiting the vegetative growth surrounding the plants. 

The strain’s sugar leaves have a faded green hue, paired with small accents of gray, pink and purple. Its pistils, meanwhile, are pretty short, with a faded orange shade. As mentioned, Super Silver Haze gets its name from the way its buds look – Giving the appearance as if they had just been rolled or dipped in a coat of silvery snow. This sheen will surely leave you in awe once you see it. 

And finally, the most vibrant portion of this strain has got to be its water leaves. These leaves go far out and carry a beautiful purple hue. If you are a cannabis enthusiast and want to see what a Super Silver Haze’s buds look up-close-and-personal, then don’t hesitate to visit your nearest dispensary or farm so that you can do exactly that. You’ll surely be amazed. 

How Do You Grow Super Silver Haze Strains?

If you’re a cannabis cultivator, you may be pleased to know that the Super Silver Haze can be grown both indoors and outdoors. The average flowering time of this particular strain can go from 9 to 11 weeks. Fall months are also the best season for this strain to grow. A great advantage of growing this strain is its resistance to mold, mildew and pests. If you want to grow your strains in an area where the danger of growing mold is always present, this strain is suitable for you. You can expect your Super Silver Haze strain to begin flowering after two months or so. And for at least 10 square feet of cannabis plants you get, you’ll start receiving at least 21 ounces of the strain’s buds. There’s also a method for you to grow feminized or auto-flowered Super Silver Haze strains.

Just like plenty of other cannabis Sativa-based strains out there, Super Silver Haze is quite tall when fully grown. This is why a huge amount of growing space is required if you want to successfully cultivate this particular strain without the danger of overcrowding or the other plants getting squished by each other as they grow. It would be best if you were particularly careful about this, especially when you plan to grow them indoors.

Growing this strain can be quite challenging, especially if you want them to produce big nuggets. However, if you plan on growing them indoors with the aid of hydroponics, then there’s a much bigger chance of success if you do this. 

Super Silver Haze requires a balmy, equatorial, hot and warm temperature when you grow these plants outdoors. Not all parts of the world, especially here in Canada, have access to this climate. But if you’re lucky enough to experience this weather daily, cultivating the strain outdoors is a better option than doing it indoors.

It’s also important to remember that this particular strain tends to yield fewer amounts of cannabis outdoors than growing it indoors. So be sure to always keep this in mind when you want to plant some new Super Silver Haze clones or seeds onto the ground. Meanwhile, the strain is known to tolerate harsh bugs, pests, powdery mildew, mold, as well as other diseases that can potentially harm cannabis strains, so it’s good to know that this strain is low-maintenance when it comes to this issue. 

For harvesting, Super Silver Haze has a growth and flowering period of over two months. If you choose to let the plants grow to their full potential and harvest their parts later on, then you’ll start noticing a drastic increase in the plant’s resinous trichomes. This gives it that prominent silvery sheen, which earns the plant its moniker. The best time to harvest these plants is around mid to late October, mainly if grown outdoors. 

While many of the best Sativa strains for creativity in Canada today, particularly those successfully grown indoors, can yield at least 19 ounces of cannabis per square meter, the ones grown outdoors will yield a somewhat smaller amount – At least 15 ounces per plant, if grown successfully. So to sum things up, Super Silver Haze strains are perhaps the ideal strain to grow, especially for growers with significant experience in growing cannabis. And because Canada is far from having an equatorial, tropical climate, you’ll mostly have to grow your plants indoors if you aim to produce substantial amounts of buds. 

Can You Use Super Silver Haze For Medicinal Purposes?

Since Super Silver Haze provides many beneficial effects, you can use this strain for several medicinal objectives. Depression, muscle cramps and chronic pain, and mental stress can go away after you smoke Super Silver Haze. This is drawn from recent results of clinical trials performed by many Canadian medical research groups and laboratories all around the country for the past several months.

This strain is quite ideal for this application. That’s because its effects on the body and mind can last longer than average, making it an excellent way for you to treat whatever ailments you may have. And when it comes to certain medical conditions, the Super Silver Haze strain has pretty much impacted large communities of Canadian weed smokers with specific mental health issues. This is because smoking is known to promote enlightened feelings of euphoria and contentment. And what’s more, higher levels of anxiety and stress across the Canadian adult population have also greatly influenced the growth of this strain.

Super Silver Haze has been proven time and again to be a real game-changer, especially when it comes to helping treat a wide assortment of conditions with adverse effects on an individual’s physiological condition. Plus, the same strain can be critical in helping the physical side of the medical realm. This refers to people who suffer from chronic pain, migraines, fatigue, lack of appetite and neuropathic pain. Individuals in lots of recent clinical trials all around Canada were able to gain the positive effects of this strain to assist in treating their related conditions. 

Gummies, live resin concentrates, candies, shatter concentrates, hash, edibles and candies infused with Super Silver Haze are known to be good ways for you to gain access to a higher percentage of the strain’s organic content, especially with less effort involved. Ingesting these can help you out if the aforementioned medical conditions are more intense. 

If you seem to feel sluggish or tired before the day is over, then smoking or ingesting Super Silver Haze is known to assist in treating similar conditions effectively. It’ll take care of you and revitalize your body as well as your mind. Simply put, this is among the best Sativa strains for creativity in Canada today that are known to bring you back to life.

What is the Best Kush in Canada This 2022?

Are you looking for a good kush strain to use? There are plenty of ways to include cannabis in your daily life. Whether it involves lighting joints, sipping on a cold beverage infused with THC oil, or munching on some good edibles, there’s always a high-quality Canadian-grown strain out there today that can cater to distinct preferences when it comes to flavour, aroma and high. So here are some of the most popular kush strains in Canada this year:

  1. Pink Kush – Perhaps the most popular kush strain in Canada, Pink Kush is a beloved strain for a reason. It’s got a very strong aroma, colorful leaves and a high amount of THC. People are also fans of one of its parent strains, the OG Kush. It’s an Indica-dominant strain with strong effects, all of them focusing on helping you relax. You can purchase Pink Kush strains all across the country, and it’s also excellent for cannabis smokers on a budget but still want a heavy-hitter. The dominant terpenes found in Pink Kush include myrcene, beta-caryophyllene, humulene, limonene and bisabolol.
  2. Black Cherry Punch – Another heavy-hitting strain, Black Cherry Punch is a kush strain that packs a lot of potencies. Just like Pink Kush, it’s popular among medical cannabis patients because of its full-body effects. It hails from a dessert strain, packed with sweet cherry flavors and floral undertones. Its flavors are also very prominent, hence the “punch” in the strain’s name. You can get Black Cherry Punch from many cultivators across Canada in both concentrate and dried flower form. The main terpenes include linalool, limonene, myrcene, beta-pinene and caryophyllene.
  3. Shishkaberry – Another Indica-dominant hybrid. Shishkaberry, also spelled as Shiskaberry, carries flavors that are both sweet and spicy at the same time. Its flavor has been described as a combination of sweet fruits and black pepper. It’s a kush strain that holds a full-bodied aroma and flavor. The dense buds of the strain are sticky and dark, with high THC content. Meanwhile, its leaves carry a brilliant purple hue. This strain contains terpenes such as limonene, myrcene, alpha-pinene, humulene and beta-caryophyllene. 
  4. Garlic Cookies – This strain also goes by the name GMO Cookies. It’s an Indica-dominant hybrid that combines the ChemDawg and Girl Scout Cookies strains. And because it’s from a Girl Scout Cookies strain, you can expect Garlic Cookies to have bold flavors as well. The aroma and flavor have been described as similar to diesel, with a garlic-forward taste that lingers on the tastebuds for hours. Terpenes in this kush strain include limonene, alpha-pinene, terpinolene, beta-caryophyllene and myrcene. 
  5. Jean-Guy – Originally from the Netherlands, this Canadian hybrid is famous for carrying cerebral effects and a sour citrusy smell. Its aroma is very similar to pine and lemon, while the leaves are frosted with bits of dark green. Its pastel-coloured buds are loaded with golden crystal trichomes. Jean-Guy is popular with medical patients and those who use kush for recreation. The terpenes found in this kush strain include limonene, alpha-pinene, terpinolene, myrcene and beta-caryophyllene. 

Best Sativa Strains for Creativity This 2022

If you want to find the best cannabis strains that help fuel your creativity, then look no further than this list. Even if it’s your first time using cannabis, you’re likely to be aware that there’s a huge variety of strains out there today, all having a bunch of different names. And not only are they different in name, but they can also cause a myriad of distinct effects.

Sometimes, the name of the strain can give away its effects. For instance, a strain called LSD or Space Queen will give you lots of energy and focus instead of helping you feel calm and relaxed. But why do these strains work in so many different ways?

Strains consisting of pure cannabis Sativa or cannabis indica are quite hard to find. But you’ll find plenty of excellent hybrid strains sold at cannabis dispensaries. A hybrid is usually the result of cross-breeding the two pure strains.

In the case of promoting higher levels of creativity and cerebral elevation, cannabis Sativa-dominant hybrid strains are excellent. People who ingest cannabis usually take pure Sativa strains or Sativa-dominant hybrid strains for increasing creativity and elevating the brain’s cerebral effects. 

Plenty of people have paired up cannabis usage with activities including musical composition, artistic designs and writing – Just about any activity that requires honing your creative skills. A 2010 study revealed that cannabis does spark energy in certain individuals. This is because cannabis can stimulate a much better flow of blood towards the brain’s frontal lobe. This increased amount of blood flow energizes your brain’s neurons, which is known to lead to increased bouts of creativity.

This portion of the person’s brain goes to work right away, especially when you want to find solutions to a certain problem. Countless scientific studies and clinical trials have proven the correlation between creativity and cannabis use. When you ingest the incorrect plant doses, you can relate to many seemingly unrelated topics. But this doesn’t necessarily mean that you can smoke your way to put your creativity to good use. Keep in mind that cannabis affects each individual differently. 

There are loads of cannabis strains in the market today, which makes it hard to identify which strain is the best for creativity. But here are some of our highly recommended Sativa strains for this purpose. Our suggestions are drawn not just from our thorough tests, strict evaluation procedures and extensive research using relevant published scientific materials but also from what many of the Canadian weed lovers we interviewed over the past several months say about this topic. And here’s where you can check other strain options that topped our evaluations. Or you can look at this shorter countdown:

  1. Amnesia Haze – This is a hybrid strain that crosses the Jamaican Landrace and South Asian strains. It’s 80% Sativa and is excellent for creativity. It has an earthy, citrusy, almost lemony flavor, with a THC content of at least 22 percent. This makes it a very potent strain to use. It also has light green nuggets with dark brown strands wrapped up in thick trichomes. 
  2. Lemon Cake is also a hybrid strain composed of 70% Sativa. Lemon Cake was produced from the Jesus OG strain and the Lemon OG strain. It’s got lovely, heart-shaped nuggets in a neon green color. They’re also coated with yellowish hairs and clear trichomes. Its taste resembles sweet vanilla with a bit of citrus. 
  3. Purple Haze – A hybrid strain contains 85% Sativa. It’s a cross between the original Haze strain and the Purple Thai strain. Its THC content is average, going as low as 14 to 19 percent. It’s just enough to create a head buzz with a strong streak of creativity. A must-try if you’re looking for a good strain to enhance your focus and give you a cerebral boost.

Similar Weed Strains to Super Silver Haze

And now, in our 2022 guide to the best Sativa strains for creativity, let’s take a look at strains that have salient similarities with Super Silver Haze. Here you go:

  1. Sour Diesel – This strain has garnered a reputation for being extremely pungent. It’s got a very strong odor consisting of gasoline, lemon and skunk. It might not be a tasty strain for everyone (Unless you’re into that sort of thing). But it does pack a strong punch for its blended body and mind-high effects. It’s known to help uplift and energize you. And many say it’s excellent for curing bipolar disorders and depression. 
  2. Acapulco Gold – One of the rarest Sativa-dominant strains in the market, it has been said that smoking Acapulco Gold is similar to eating at a five-star restaurant. It’ll surely give you a needed energy boost after smoking it. Originally hailing from Acapulco, Mexico, the orange hairs are similar to a golden nugget. The main colors of its buds are brown, green and gold. There are also loads of resin found in its buds. When broken up, the smell is reminiscent of burnt toffee. 
  3. Jack Herer – Jack Herer, also known as Premium Jack and JH, and Platinum Jack and The Jack, is a strain that comes from a Shiva Skunk, Northern Lights #5 and Haze cross. It produces plenty of resin and is meant to bring you a sense of cerebral elevation after smoking it. It was created by a Dutch company called Sensei Seeds in the 90s and was named after a renowned cannabis activist and author. It’s got a rich genetic background and is a strain frequently crossed with other types of cannabis. This is why the strain has so many variations, with each of them carrying its own set of unique effects and features. It’s got a very spicy flavor, with a scent similar to pine. 

FAQs About Weed and Cannabis

Cannabis Indica vs Cannabis Sativa — What’s the Difference?

There are three popular types of cannabis strains. These are cannabis Sativa, cannabis Indica and hybrids, which combine the former types. Every single strain falls into one of these categories.

Sativa-based strains usually provide you with a stimulating and energy-boosting effect. It’s said to be ideal for enhancing creativity. It’s also perfect for daytime usage.

Meanwhile, Indica-based strains are the opposite, as it helps you relax, providing the body with sedative and calming effects. These are usually ingested at night before going to sleep. Various strains each contain different amounts of CBD and THC and a host of other phytocannabinoids. 

If you plan on growing your line of cannabis, it might be a good idea to learn more about specific plant traits. A Sativa-based strain usually comes from a tall plant with narrow leaves. They thrive in warmer climates and have a strong, earthy smell. Indica plants, meanwhile, are shorter, with wider leaves. They like cooler climates and have a sweeter scent. But terpenes can also influence the effects that cannabis has on the body. 

Is Cannabis Legal in Canada?

Yes, you can smoke cannabis in Canada for recreational and medicinal purposes. Medicinal usage of cannabis in the country was legalized nationwide under conditions stated in the Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations. The access eventually superseded this to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations, issued by Health Canada. The official Cannabis Act of Canada came into effect in October 2018. This makes Canada the second country to allow residents to possess, cultivate, acquire and consume cannabis products after Uruguay. 

What Should I Keep in Mind When Buying Cannabis from Dispensaries?

If you can, get a medical cannabis card. This is important since this gives you access to more cannabis-infused products and the freedom to compare prices and look for the best options that suit your taste in cannabis. Remember that not all cannabis strains are equal, and you have to be aware of the various types of strains and products available. If you prefer a less psychoactive experience, choose a product with a higher CBD amount than THC.

Different ways of ingesting cannabis can trigger the production of several molecules in the body. So the way you consume cannabis can affect your overall experience. Your experience with smoking cannabis can also depend on several personal factors, as each endocannabinoid and physiology in the body is different. Consider factors such as age, mental and physical health, and past experiences with cannabis if you’ve had any. Do a bit of research before buying to determine which strain or product is the best for you.