What is Hash, and How Do You Smoke It?

What is Hash and How Do You Smoke It?

We get this question all the time: what is hash? Otherwise known as hashish, it is a waxy cannabis product that originates from cannabis trichomes. These trichomes on the cannabis plant are essentially resin glands that line the cannabis plant. Hash producers take the cannabis trichomes and concentrate them into a solid block that is then ready to be smoked. Traditionally, you can find hash in “blocks”, or sometimes balls as well. Believe it or not, hashish actually has its origins thousands of years ago. Research shows that hashish could have been in use as early as 900 AD.

Where does hashish come from?

The name hashish is derived from the Arabic language. The literal translation of hashish from Arabic to English is “grass”, which is certainly fitting. Hash is a common product of the Middle East. You will commonly see references to “Afghani Hashish”, “Morrocan Hashish”, and “Lebanese Hashish”, all of which originate from corresponding countries in the Middle East.

In the 19th century, Western colonizers explored Africa and the Middle East, and discovered the manufacturing and use of hashish within local communities. These colonizers were quick to take hashish back to the Western world to study it for its medicinal benefits. However, with the dawn of the 20th century, hashish and other cannabis related products were outlawed under the “War on Drugs” regime.

Entering into the 21st century, the social and political climate surrounding cannabis improved. In 2018, Canada was one of the first western countries to fully legalize and regulate cannabis, allowing for hashish to once again be researched and explored for medicinal and recreational consumption.

Along with the new legalization of cannabis came innovations in the concentration and manufacture of hashish and other concentrates. Improvements have been made with the extraction of cannabis trichomes, allowing consumers to enjoy high quality products with greater potency.

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How to smoke hashish?

You may have heard of the “old-school” way to smoke hashish: hot-knifing. Hot-knifing is a technique in which consumers will heat up a knife or two knives, and place hash on the heated knife to smoke or vaporize it. However, this method is certainly not the safest. Here are some safer and more effective alternatives.

The challenge with hash is that it is more resinous than cannabis flower. Because of this, hash can oftentimes have trouble igniting or smoking, and requires a “base” to support it. For example, if you are a fan of smoking joints, you can roll up a bit of hash into a “string” and place it on top of your cannabis flower inside of a joint. When the cannabis flower ignites, it will heat up the hash consistently and allow it to burn better.

If you are planning on smoking hashish in a bong, it is crucial to use a metal filter in your bowl. This will prevent clogging of the downstem. We also recommend using a blowtorch when possible, as it will provide enough heat to heat up the hashish to a point where it can ignite properly. Hashish often will take a bit longer to heat up, so you may need to be a bit patient and let it get hot enough.

One other strategy that we need to mention is converting your hash into rosin. This process will help your hash melt better for use with vaporizers or other smoking methods. At home, you can take your hash and put it between two pieces of wax paper. Next, take a clothes iron and press the hash with some force on the wax paper. The end result will be rosin.

The difference in taste between hash and flower

Because hash comes primarily from cannabis trichomes, it contains a number of different terpenes. These terpenes vary in their concentrations, giving hash its unique and distinct taste and effect. The taste of hash is very “classic”, and users that are fond of it always come back for more.

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