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What are concentrates

‘Concentrate’ products are, as the name implies, concentrated cannabis. This indicates that the plant material has been processed to produce a more potent version, eliminating all plant matter except the cannabinoids and terpenes. Weed concentrates are products created by isolating resin from flowers to extract the maximum amount of cannabinoids and terpenes while simultaneously removing the unwanted plant material.

Trichomes are tiny, mushroom-shaped, hair-like substances that cover cannabis plants. The plant’s cannabinoids are produced by these outgrowths surrounding the blossoming marijuana flower. Trichomes have different shapes and sizes. The resulting products, known as cannabis concentrates, can have extremely high quantities of tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, the psychoactive element in marijuana. These THC-rich marijuana products can be evaporated and consumed using a vape pen or by dabbing using a dab.

What’s suitable for your needs

You can now order online for your convenience at Budlyft. Many products to choose from, including your favorite concentrate brand, cannabis flower products, oil products, and other weeds. Choose from a variety of cannabis concentrates that suits your needs.

Before you shop from the market or purchase cannabis concentrates online, you should determine what you want to get from the cannabis product you will be buying. What’s right for you varies depending on your personal needs and preferences, as different cannabis products have different characteristics such as flavor profile, purity, sugar content (edibles), effectiveness, and taste, which all depends on the strain or cultivar of the cannabis flower used for your product.

This strain then determines the THC and CBD content of the product, regardless if it is just a flower, a concentrate, or a created combination of different products such as a moonrock. Determining its strain type and THC and CBD levels will give you a rough estimate of the effects and potential health benefits that your product will be delivered. 

The effects that each cannabis concentrate delivers vary depending on its THC and CBD content. Pure cannabis concentrates have high tetrahydrocannabinol levels, whereas CBD concentrates or those mixed with herbs have low THC levels.

These active compounds have numerous effects on the body, particularly the brain, respiratory, and digestive systems. Pure concentrates deliver a body high and a euphoric feeling for the user.

Concentrates Indica or Sativa dominant have varying potency levels, and each concentrate type has different levels of THC and CBD content. 

Your choices ultimately depend on what the cannabis concentrate can provide and what effects you expect to receive on your body. You can then determine your consumption methods, dosage, and consumption intervals.

Selecting your concentrate

Selecting the correct type of concentrate for your needs must be a priority before you buy any products on the market. Now that you have determined what’s compatible with your needs and preferences, you can shop and browse concentrates from the market or easily buy one online. Concentrates have different types, depending on their composition and the extraction method used. There are live rosin, hash, kief, and shatter, among many others.

Depending on the product type, you must also determine the consumption method used for your concentrate, as some products need to use a dab, others are smoked or vaped. New products use vapes or e-cigarettes that come in bundles and disposable packages.

Aside from product characteristics, cannabis products like concentrates have different grade levels, depending on the manufacturing process employed by the companies that produce them. Some hand-crafted cannabis products are made from fresh local products from growers or a farm community.

Manufactured products like oil, concentrates, and weed edibles are created with industry-level processes, unlike homemade products that are easily made. Regarding quality, what you would expect of a company-made product in the market usually has high prices, depending on its content and availability.

Prices for fresh ingredients used to manufacture these products are also a factor in the price range of products.

Concentrate types 


North India was the birthplace of this well-known cannabis extract, which later moved to the Arabian Peninsula and Europe.

Hash is a cannabis concentrate made by removing trichomes from buds and then molding the resin into a solid mass.

Live Resin

Live resin is a more malleable concentration that sits somewhere between wax and sauce—not that it’s quite a taffy, but it’s also not completely dry.

It’s usually dark yellow, although it can be light yellow or white. As with all cannabis concentrates, you’ll need a dab tool to manage it.


Shatter is a marijuana extract created by extracting the essential oil from the buds of the cannabis plant, which contains cannabinoids, terpenes, and other chemical compounds found in the cannabis plant.

Translucent marijuana with a texture that fractures and shatters like the glass is referred to as “shatter.”


Kief (sometimes spelled keef) is a fine, dusty powder made of fallen resin glands containing terpenes and THC and is usually seen on top-grade cannabis flowers.


Cannabis wax is a kind of cannabis essential oil that is highly concentrated. This type has a flaky clay-like texture, although some cannabis extracts have honey or glass-like substance. A good wax is silky and has an amber color. It’s opaque and straightforward to work with.


Cannabis diamonds are crystalline forms of isolated THCA, commonly known as THCA diamonds. CBDA, on the other hand, has some applications. These tinctures are high in THC and incredibly potent, containing 99 percent THC or CBD, making them ten times stronger than typical shelf marijuana.

Crystalline forms can be considered a concentrated mass with extremely high THC contents. The effectiveness of the cannabinoids in this high-grade top-shelf marijuana should not be underestimated.

Top 10 high quality concentrates for you

Here are the top 10 high quality concentrates available for purchase in Canada, brought to you by BudLfyt.

Hash Maserati

Maserati Hash is a type of hashish grown entirely in British Columbia. This proudly Canadian domestic hash is made from pure Indica flowers and processed utilizing traditional methods to provide the closest possible resemblance to authentic imported Afghani Hash. Maserati Hash has an earthy scent with light floral notes and a smooth, peppery flavor. Enjoy this classic by rolling it into a joint or putting it in the hookah!

Gold Seal Medical Hash

Gold seal hash has a long history. Initially produced in Afghanistan’s northern provinces, it is now expertly hand-pressed in Canada. Gold seal hash’s wonderful fragrances and tremendous strength will transport you back to when the hash was more widely used. Nothing compares to the strength and grade of gold seal hash, and the best part is that it’s a product that can be used in various ways.

The quality of the gold seal hash is what sets it apart. It’s been hand-pressed in Afghanistan utilizing traditional techniques. The result is a clean, pure, sophisticated, and potent substance. The gold seal hash is a sensory overload. It has a dark chocolate bar appearance since it is black on the outside.

Afghani Hash

Small, bushy Indicas are the cannabis plants used to make hash. Hashish is crushed in Afghanistan after adding a small amount of tea or water. The hashish is manipulated till it is exceedingly elastic and exudes a strong odor. Hash is rolled into balls in Afghanistan (this shape allows the least contact with air). The hash is pounded into 100g slabs before being sent. The beneficial features of Afghani are related to the stem of the producing family.

  • THC content ranges between 18 and 22 percent.
  • Black on the outside, dark greenish or brown on the inside. It may take on a grayish color on the outside when exposed to the air.
  • The scent ranges from spicy to extremely spicy.
  • Tastes spicy and a little abrasive on the throat. When using Afghani, inexperienced users may endure a lot of coughing.
  • It has a soft consistency and is easy to knead.
  • Effect: Nearly narcotic, with a stony, tactile buzz.

It has a strong potency, which is occasionally extremely strong. Afghani’s effectiveness is easy to underestimate because the high takes around 5 minutes to reach its full potential.

Nepalese Temple Ball Hash

No cutting-edge machinery is used to make Nepalese temple ball hash. Instead, these spherical beauties are made with two warm hands, a ceramic dish, and a slew of cannabis blossoms. The resin is rubbed out of the cannabis flower, resulting in a gummy paste.

The THC content in the Nepalese temple ball hash is about 30%. It’s not all about the THC content, though. The effects are bizarre and place the environment in a sense of majestic purity since Nepalese temple ball hash is pure resin. Overall, the Nepalese temple ball hash is unlike any other hash you’ve ever had. These are available for purchase with some brand manufacturers.

Flight of Hash

Do you want to try hash (or hashish) but are unsure where to begin? This is a fantastic way to sample all of our hash!

 For only $100, you can get 1 gram of each of 7 different types of hash only at BudLyft.

 Among the strains are:

Lebanon blonde Hash

The Lebanese blonde hash strain is a potent strain with numerous health benefits. This blonde hash is a strong contender for the strongest hash types. The plant’s THC levels are higher than other strains, and it gives consumers a general sensation of well-being, but it can also give some people a feeling of paranoia.

Because Lebanese blonde hash contains higher concentrations of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which acts like opium when smoked by acting on specific receptors in brain cells and releasing dopamine into areas associated with emotions such as pleasure, memory reward, motivation, and movement control, it has a more powerful effect on the mind than other types. Some brand dealers create and manufacture this type of hash.

Lebanese hash is an all-natural, organic product that has no artificial ingredients. It will have a rich flavor and aroma after maturity for one or two seasons (4-8 months). We offer AAA+ quality hash obtained directly from small-batch growers in Lebanon’s agricultural heartland, the Bekaa Valley.

Lemon Sour Diesel Kief


You can get 10 grams of Lemon Sour Diesel Kief and 5 grams for free only on Budlyft.

Kief is the resin glands containing terpenes and cannabinoids that make cannabis unique. Take a look at this lovely crystal pollen.

Black Afghan Gold Seal Hash


Small, bushy Indicas are the cannabis plants used to make hash. Hashish is crushed by hand in Afghanistan after adding a small amount of tea or water. The hashish is manipulated till it is exceedingly elastic and exudes a strong odor. After that, it’s rolled into balls (this shape allows the least contact with air).

The hash is pounded into 100g slabs before being sent. The stem of the producing family is signed with the good qualities of Afghan. Afghani gold seal, black hash has been dubbed the “Kingpin” of marijuana concentrates due to its potent effects (which can last up to 8 hours) that are greatly sought after by those with higher THC tolerances and a desire for a robust psychoactive high.

Afghani Hash AK-47

The product is stored in Hash-Balls (since a round ball has the least amount of air contact), but before being sent, the hash is usually crushed tightly into 100g slabs. The main stem of the producing family, in this case, “The Apple,” is used to signify the good attributes of Afghani.

 Pressed hash, like kief, is a concentrated cannabis product manufactured from the plant’s trichomes. The term “pressed” alludes to making hash, which involves pressing concentrated trichomes and resinous substances together, frequently with heat.

As a result, a hard and inflexible substance that can be broken into chunks has been made. The amount of plant material filtered out during the production of a hash determines its purity and potency. When heated, the cleanest hashes will bubble.

Polar Bear Hash

$5/gram SALE

Polar Bear Hash is a soft, powerful, and enjoyable to smoke hash with potent Indica effects. The hash is smooth and straightforward, making it ideal for use in a bong, blunt, or spliff.

On the outside, it’s a dark brown color. Sweet with cherry and coffee undertones. Sweet, fragrant, and full-flavored. It has a soft consistency that can be readily kneaded.

Effect: Produces a stony and physical high.

Potency: This Hash is pretty potent, but it may take a few minutes to reach its maximum potential.

How to Use Concentrates: Methods of Consumption

The strength, purity, and versatility of cannabis extracts have contributed to their rise in popularity in recent years. They are great for both recreational and medical use because of the potent high they produce. Below, we will go through several different ways to consume cannabis concentrates so you can find the one that best suits your needs.


The process of vaporization, commonly known as vaping, has become popular as a means of ingesting cannabis concentrates. Active chemicals like THC and CBD are vaporized without combustion by heating the concentrate to a high enough temperature. The resulting vapor is much less harsh and harmful to the lungs than smoking. Use a dedicated concentrate vaporizer or a pen made for concentrates to vape concentrates.


Dabbing is a more advanced method of consuming cannabis concentrates and has gained a loyal following among experienced users. It involves placing a small amount of concentrate (a “dab”) onto a heated surface, typically a nail or banger attached to a water pipe or dab rig. The heat vaporizes the concentrate, and the user inhales the resulting vapor through the rig. Dabbing allows for precise temperature control and delivers a potent, flavorful experience. However, it requires specialized equipment and can be intimidating for beginners.


Tinctures are liquid cannabis concentrates that are typically administered sublingually (under the tongue) or added to food and beverages. They are made by dissolving cannabis concentrates in a carrier liquid, such as alcohol or oil. Tinctures offer a discreet and easy-to-dose method of consumption, making them an excellent option for medical users or those who prefer not to inhale vapor or smoke.


Cannabis concentrates can also be incorporated into edibles, such as baked goods, candies, and beverages. When consumed this way, the effects take longer to set in, typically between 30 minutes to 2 hours, but they also last longer and can be more intense compared to other consumption methods. To make edibles, you can infuse your favorite recipes with cannabis concentrate or purchase pre-made edibles from a dispensary.


Topical applications of cannabis concentrates are ideal for localized relief from pain, inflammation, or skin conditions. They come in creams, balms, and salves applied directly to the skin. In addition, topicals do not produce psychoactive effects, making them suitable for avoiding the “high” associated with other consumption methods.


While not the most popular or recommended method, cannabis concentrates can be smoked by adding them to a bowl or joint of traditional cannabis flower. This method, called “waxing” involves rolling a small amount of concentrate in a joint or adding it to a bowl. However, smoking concentrates can be harsh and inefficient compared to other methods.

Tips for Storing Your Concentrates: Keep Them Fresh and Potent

The potency, flavor, and overall quality of cannabis concentrates can only be preserved through careful preservation. Light, air, heat, and moisture exposure can deteriorate concentrates over time, just like cannabis flowers. Below, we will discuss some of the most important factors when deciding how to store your concentrates.

Choose the right container

The quality of your cannabis concentrates can greatly affect the container you store them in. Use glass, silicone, or high-quality plastic containers that seal tightly to keep out contaminants and oxygen. Non Porous glass containers are best for storing most concentrates because they won’t take on any of the chemicals or flavors from the concentrate. Silicone containers are ideal for storing wax and shatter because they allow you to get every last bit of the concentration out of the container without spilling a drop.

Keep it dry

Light and heat can damage the cannabinoids and terpenes in your concentrates, respectively. Concentrates can be kept from spoiling in a cool, dark place like a drawer or cupboard. Never leave them near a hot car’s radiator, computer, or window. Storing your concentrates in the fridge can help keep the temperature stable, especially in a hot region. Concentrates lose quality when exposed to moisture, so avoid condensation while taking them out of the fridge.

Prevent exposure to air

Mold and germs thrive in damp environments, so keeping your cannabis concentrated in a dry place is essential. Concentrates should always be kept in a dry place and handled with dry hands. Always use clean, dry tools when working with your concentrates to avoid contaminating them.

Oxygen exposure can lead to oxidation, decreasing the potency and flavor of your concentrates. Ensure that your storage container is airtight to minimize contact with air. When using your concentrates, open the container as infrequently as possible and keep it sealed when not in use. If you have a more considerable amount of concentrate, consider dividing it into smaller portions and storing them in separate containers to reduce the number of times each container is opened.

Label your containers

Suppose you have multiple types of concentrates or different strains. In that case, it’s essential to label your containers clearly to avoid confusion. Include the strain name, concentrate type, and any other relevant information, such as the date of purchase or extraction method. This will help you track your inventory and ensure you’re consuming the right product.

Keep out of reach of children and pets

Cannabis concentrates are highly potent and can be harmful if ingested by children or pets. Always store your concentrates in a secure location, out of reach of curious hands or paws. Consider investing in a storage box or cabinet for safety and peace of mind.

Safety and Responsible Use of Concentrates: Enjoy the Experience Responsibly

The great strength, adaptability, and concentrated flavors of cannabis concentrates have made them increasingly popular among recreational and medical users. But, with greater power comes a correspondingly higher obligation to exercise caution and good judgment while using them. To reap the benefits of cannabis concentrates without endangering yourself or others, we will go over some basic principles for their safe and responsible use.

Know your limits

Knowing your tolerance level is essential for the safe use of cannabis concentrates. It is vital to begin with a small dose, especially if you are new to concentrating. They can contain substantially higher quantities of THC and other cannabinoids than typical cannabis flowers. Start with a low dose and observe the results before determining if you need a higher one. By taking this course of action, you can reduce your risk of experiencing unwanted consequences associated with excessive intake.

Ensure you have the right equipment

Using the proper tools and accessories for your preferred consumption style is essential for a risk-free and pleasurable session. Dabbing requires a torch and a high-quality dab rig or electronic nail. Vaping concentrates can cause damage to your vaping equipment and expose you to potentially dangerous consequences.

Pay attention to your environment

Be mindful of your environment and the people you interact with while using cannabis concentrates. Concentrates should be used only in private settings, away from those sensitive to or offended by cannabis.

Keep Your Temper

Concentrated cannabis products have the potential to provide a satisfying high, but users should not overindulge. Regular use of concentrates can develop tolerance, making it necessary to take more of the substance to attain the same benefits and raise the risk of addiction. However, you may reap the benefits of concentrates while limiting any adverse effects on your health if you use them sensibly and sparingly.

Educate yourself on different concentrate types

There are various types of cannabis concentrates, each with its unique characteristics, extraction methods, and potency levels. Familiarize yourself with the differences between concentrates like shatter, wax, rosin, and tinctures to decide which products best suit your needs and preferences.

Store concentrates safely

Storage is essential for maintaining the quality of your concentrates and ensuring the safety of those around you. Keep your concentrates in a secure, childproof container and store them out of reach of children and pets. Additionally, store your concentrates separately from your consumption tools to avoid accidental ingestion or misuse.

Don’t drive under the influence

Operating a vehicle while under the influence of cannabis concentrates is both dangerous and illegal. The high potency of concentrates can impair reaction time, coordination, and judgment, increasing the risk of accidents. Always wait until the effects of your concentration have worn off before getting behind the wheel, and never concentrate while driving.

Know your local laws

Cannabis laws and regulations vary widely between countries, states, and local jurisdictions. Thus, familiarizing yourself with the laws in your area regarding the possession, use, and purchase of cannabis concentrates on avoiding potential legal issues.

Where to get your concentrates

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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes cannabis concentrates different from traditional cannabis flowers?

Cannabis concentrates differ from traditional cannabis flowers due to their enhanced potency, purity, and versatility. Extracted from cannabis plants, concentrates contain higher levels of cannabinoids, like THC and CBD, providing a more potent experience. In addition, the extraction process removes impurities and plant matter, leaving behind a purer product with concentrated flavors and effects. These products come in various forms, like shatter, wax, and oil, each with unique consistencies and properties. Concentrates can be consumed through various methods, including vaping, dabbing, and edibles, offering users a versatile and intensified cannabis experience compared to smoking traditional flowers.

How do the various types of concentrates differ in consistency, potency, and flavor?

Concentrates differ in consistency, potency, and flavor based on their extraction methods and starting materials. For example, shatter is glass-like and brittle, while wax has a soft, crumbly texture. Rosin, extracted without solvents, has a sticky, sap-like consistency. Potency varies depending on the concentration of cannabinoids, with some concentrates reaching over 90% THC. Flavor profiles differ based on the preservation of terpenes, aromatic compounds responsible for each strain’s unique taste and aroma. Solventless extracts, like rosin, often retain more terpenes, resulting in more decadent flavors. Users can select concentrates that suit their preferences and desired effects by understanding these distinctions.

What extraction methods are used to create high-quality concentrates?

Various extraction methods are employed to create high-quality concentrates, each with unique advantages. Solvent-based extraction uses butane, propane, or CO2 to separate cannabinoids and terpenes from plant material. Butane Hash Oil (BHO) and CO2 oil are popular solvent-based concentrates. Solventless extraction methods, such as rosin or ice water hash, rely on heat, pressure, or agitation to extract desired compounds. For example, Rosin is created by applying heat and pressure to cannabis, while ice-water hash involves agitating cannabis in ice-cold water to separate trichomes. Solvent-based and solventless techniques can yield high-quality concentrates, depending on the skill and precision of the extractor.

Are there any specific cannabis strains that are suited for making concentrates?

While most cannabis strains can be used to make concentrates, some are particularly well-suited due to their high cannabinoid and terpene content, which contribute to potency and flavor. In addition, strains with abundant trichomes, the resin glands that produce cannabinoids and terpenes, are ideal for concentrate production. Popular strains for concentrates include Gorilla Glue #4, known for its high THC content; Blue Dream, prized for its balanced effects and sweet berry flavor; and Girl Scout Cookies, appreciated for its potent, full-body relaxation. Ultimately, the choice of strain depends on the user or extractor’s desired effects and flavor preferences.

How do the top concentrates compare regarding potency, flavor profile, and overall user experience?

The top concentrates, especially the ones in this blog, showcase diverse potency, flavor profiles, and user experiences. Some offer exceptionally high THC levels, catering to users seeking strong psychoactive effects, while others balance THC and CBD for a more nuanced experience. The flavor profiles span from fruity and sweet to earthy and pungent, highlighting each strain’s unique terpene composition. Overall, user experiences vary based on individual preferences and intended use, with some concentrates offering uplifting and energetic effects while others provide relaxation and pain relief. These top 10 concentrates represent the best quality and versatility, appealing to many consumers.

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