Berry White Strain Review


Here is an in-depth guide on one of the most heavy-hitting marijuana strains out there

The White Berry strain, also quite commonly referred to as the Berry White strain, is the famous child of two other popular strains. The Berry White strain has been derived from the cross between the most world-renowned and popular strains on earth, namely the ‘White Widow’ and the ‘Blueberry’ weed strains. The Berry White strain, as one would imagine, tastes a lot like blueberry, a lot in part thanks to the Blueberry weed strain which it is derived from, but what some of you may not have guessed is that it also has a flavour that is a bit reminiscent of pine trees and that its taste comes out slightly sour when you exhale it after smoking. We will be discussing more about the Berry White weed strain characteristics a little later on in the article. The Berry White provides its user with a delightful and uplifting high paired with feelings of soothing relaxation.

How the Strain Really Got its Name

In case you were wondering, Yes, while the name of this strain may have come about due to the name of the strains that we’re crossed to make it, Berry White has also been said to have gotten its name as an homage to the late singer and songwriter, Barry White.

The History of the White Berry Strain

You would be surprised to find out that the invention of this very beloved strain came about entirely on accident. A group of cannabis strain breeders named Green Beanz Seedz had set up shop in Colorado, USA. They had set forth their business with the intention of mixing and matching several cannabis strains and then doing the same with their offspring to reach some strains that they were proud to sell to the masses.

When they had crossed the White Widow and the Blueberry strains, they had only intended to start their journey to some super strain that was derived from two of the most famous strains on earth, essentially, the Berry White, which they created from the crossing of the two popular strains was nothing more to them than a stepping stone towards something much grander in their cannabis strain breeding project. However, after a few of the strain breeders had tried out the offspring strain they had just made, they were so impressed with it that they made it a strain of its own right.

What Exactly is the White Berry Strain?

The Berry White strain is an Indica dominant hybrid strain made from the cross between the Indica Blueberry strain and the hybrid White Widow strain, hence the name. The strain is considered an Indica dominant strain due to its build-up comprising up to 65 percent induce and only having around 35 percent Sativa. Aside from being an Indica dominant hybrid, it is also a pretty potent one, with an average THC level sitting around 19 percent. Unlike its THC levels, it only contains a minimal amount of CBD, usually hovering around or below 0.1 percent.

The Effects of This Indica Dominant Hybrid Strain

When you smoke the Berry White, you can come to expect all of the Indica dominant hybrid effects that you would typically get from all the other Indica dominant strains out there. However, for an Indica dominant strain with a much higher indica percentage, when you smoke the Berry White strain, you can also expect to receive effects that are more reminiscent of similar strains, alongside the aforementioned indica effects.

In this regard, the Berry White strain is said to provide its user with balanced effects that affect the mind as much as it does the body, giving intense sensations of relaxation and ease from the indica half of the strain. The Sativa half of the strain also kicks in, as it is a hybrid after all, which throws the user who has smoked the strain in a very positive state, uplifting their mood, and even provides a tiny spark to light up the user’s creativity. The relaxed state mixed with a sense of euphoria makes this strain a lot more popular among recreational cannabis users, rather than medicinal users, as the strain allows them to use it as a means of stress relief after a stress-filled day, even lending them a mellow boost to their energy levels.

According to many consumer reviews, the Berry White strain is fast and hard-hitting in its effects. This leads users to immediately feel sentiments of peace alongside hints of a wide-spreading warming sensation. These sensations hit their peak after around one hour of ingesting the strain, and as they begin to fade away after the hour mark, they leave the user with some flowy meditative thoughts, a slight tingling of a soft couch-lock state. Lastly, it leaves them with an appetite for any and everything.

The Characteristics of the White Berry Marijuana Strain

The Aromas of the Marijuana Strain

The aromas associated with the Berry White strain are a rich mixture of a few different things, including scents that are both sweet and sour. The prominent smell you could sense coming out of this strain is that of blueberries, along with some pine and floral notes. The minor notes, which are more difficult to smell, are the sour ones which have an aroma reminiscent of sour lemons and unripe berries.

The Flavors of the Marijuana Strain

The Berry White strain’s flavours have been said to be unique, though they do share a lot with the smell of the strain, as one would expect. The Indica Blueberry parent strain carries over its berry-like flavours to the Berry White Strain, giving it that berry flavour that it heavily gives off in its scent.

It did inherit some of the taste found in its Sativa parent, White Widow, as well. From the White Widow, the Berry White strain got its woody and earthy ‘pine’ taste, and when combined with the taste of the berries from its other parent, the Berry White gives off a very ‘northern forest’ vibe, full of berries and pine trees.

The Appearance of the Marijuana Strain

The White Berry buds sprout from a plant that is of medium height. The buds of the White Berry are gorgeous as they are very dense and have nugs whose shape is reminiscent of popcorn and whose colour is a lovely dark olive green. The bud itself is deep blue, which makes sense given the White Berry strains’ other name is Blue Widow. The bud also often features some purple undertones, which perfectly compliment the plant’s curly purple leaves splattering. The strain itself is speckled with some thin and long dark olive green hairs, much like the colour of the nugs, and is also completely overwhelmed by the very thick layers of its crystal trichomes, which it inherited from its Sativa parent, the White Widow.

The Medicinal Benefits of the White Berry Strain

There are many properties of this cannabis strain that make it an excellent option for treating certain medical conditions. The relaxing effects that this cannabis strain produces make it an optimal choice for treating any medical disease related to chronic stress or anxiety, such as PTSD. The soothing effect of the Berry White strain gives it the ability to have its user lose focus of the things around them or the things burdening them. By instilling these deep sensations of relaxation, in most cases, it leads to the user falling asleep. As a result, the White Berry strain makes for an excellent cure to the problem of insomnia, among other things. However, it is to be noted that most cannabis connoisseurs would usually advise a person seeking to treat their insomnia with cannabis to go for a pure Indica strain, rather than a hybrid, as they are more heavily sedative and, overall, just better suited to address these kinds of problems.

Sativa’s reminiscent effects of the White Berry cannabis strain also provide some medicinal benefits with uplifting and ecstatic mood-enhancing effects. These effects are most commonly used to treat people suffering from depression and depression-related disorders such as Major Depressive Disorder (MDD).

Some marijuana consumers have even come forward saying that this strain can cure some medical conditions relating to the physical body, such as chronic pain. Examples of what might be considered conditions in which the patient suffers from chronic pain are rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, and migraine headaches. People have even claimed it to help relieve body pain resulting from muscle spasms.

Lastly, a few reports of the White Berry strain being helpful in increasing a person’s appetite, but most claim its effects to only be ranging from average to moderate in this regard.

Some Minor Side Effects

It is strongly recommended that first-time users of this strain, or those utterly new to the world of cannabis, start small in dosage before gradually increasing to higher doses depending upon the condition they want to treat.

This is recommended mainly in part due to the minor side effects that come with this strain. The most commonly reported side effects of this marijuana strain are leaving its user with dry eyes and a dry mouth after extensive use. This is pretty simple to treat, as all the user has to do is not use the strain for a little while until the symptoms come to pass. Treating the dry mouth part of the problem can be even easier if a person simply increases the amount of water they consume every day.

If you overdose on the White Berry strain, you might suffer from dizziness and increased paranoia and anxiety. However, these too can be very easily treated by simply not consuming the strain for a while.

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