Budlyft vs SQDC: Why Budlyft is Better than SQDC

Budlyft vs SQDC Why Budlyft is Better than SQDC

When it comes to choosing which dispensary to buy your weed from, you’ll often find that few stand out. Of course, you’ve probably heard of the Société québécoise du cannabis (better known as SQDC). But when it comes to Budlyft vs SQDC, there’s one clear winner.

When SQDC announced it would be opening its doors to the public in October of 2018, many cannabis enthusiasts were excited. This excitement was short-lived when bonafide potheads experienced shopping with SQDC.

Budlyft, on the other hand, has been in business for 40+ years now, serving top-notch mail-order marijuana. The all-Canadian company has been innovating in the marijuana industry since its inception. As a heritage company, they’ve got a lot going in for them —with newbies and loyalists coming back time and time again for more.

You’re probably wondering why Budlyft is better than SQDC. The best way to answer this question is by taking it factor by factor: Budlyft is superior to SQDC in ways that matter the most.

Budlyft vs SQDC: Pros and Cons

Budlyft and SQDC have both garnered widespread attention across Canada ever since the legalization of Cannabis in 2018. While they do share some similarities, the two online dispensaries are much more different than they are alike.

It’s safe to say that Budlyft’s decades-long experience in handling marijuana makes them a strong contender for one of the best online weed dispensaries in Canada. The SQDC, however, continues to strengthen its appeal thanks to full government support.

We break down the advantages and disadvantages of each to help you decide where you should be getting your weed from. And despite the fierce competition, it still all boils down to you – the customer – to make that decision.


With over 40+ years of combined experience in the industry, Budlyft is Canada’s top source of mail-order marijuana and weed products. The West Coast-based online dispensary holds an impressive portfolio of quality products, ranging from fresh flowers to shrooms and edibles. Budlyft has developed a reputation for affordable Cannabis delivered through excellent customer service.


  • One of the most competitive pricing schemes in the market
  • High-quality selections that beat out other online dispensaries
  • Expansive product portfolio (e.g. fresh flowers, edibles, vapes, tinctures)
  • Sale and promotions for every occasion
  • Both wholesale and retail purchase options are available
  • Offers rare products such as AAAA+ strains, shrooms, rocks, and more
  • Gifts with minimum purchases
  • Free shipping for all orders over $149
  • Fast shipping times with rapid weed delivery service
  • The excellent customer service team


  • The minimum charge for weed delivery service could be better
  • Does not allow refunds or exchanges
  • Weak social media presence compared to other vendors


SQDC stands for Société québécoise du cannabis, a government-run subsidiary created to regulate the sale of Cannabis in Québec. The SQDC has built a reputation for providing legal Cannabis – primarily for medicinal purposes – for adults 18 years and older without actually promoting cannabis use.

Thanks to full government backing, it remains one of Canada’s most popular and most accessible cannabis dispensaries. In addition to its online shop, SQDC has opened 75 retail locations across the nation — with more planned in the future.


  • Pre-packaged weed with calculated doses
  • Offers unique, SQDC-only medical strains
  • Decent product variety (e.g. cannabis flowers, edibles, capsules, and more)
  • Sleek and comfortable physical stores
  • Offers same-day delivery in select areas
  • Over 70+ stores nationwide
  • Revenues go to the Cannabis Prevention and Research Fund


  • Expensive prices, typically $5.75–$12.50 per gram
  • Pre-packaged weed limits customer options
  • Products quality is a hit-or-miss
  • Bad reviews for customer service experience
  • Stores open for limited days within the week
  • Stocks run dry quickly due to great demand
  • Flat $5 for all deliveries

Budlyft vs SQDC: Product Quality

When it comes to buying weed online, product quality is non-negotiable. Dry, bland, and aroma-less buds can ruin the entire cannabis experience, even if you got the most excellent strain on your hands. There’s a reason why Budlyft has so many loyal customers — their product quality is second-to-none.

We’re particularly impressed with the carefully curated selection at Budlyft. The West Coast cannabis expert offers a plethora of the highest quality cannabis products. What’s even more impressive is the fact that low-grade AAA strains still receive high praise from hard-to-please cannabis connoisseurs.

Take, for example, the White Berry (AAA), a 5-star rated strain. One customer review reads: Grab this one at this price while you can! Smoker 26+ years, and this one hit heavy. Felt it immediately behind the eyes. I loved the mellow lazy feeling! It took away my anxiety as well!

Budlyft products are pretty consistent as well. We haven’t noticed any compromises on strain flavour, aroma, potency, and terpene profile. All products are lab-tested to ensure safety for both the customers and the dispensary itself.

Genuine marijuana users can feel rest assured with Budlyft, knowing that whatever they’re getting is indeed the whole cannabis experience.

As for SQDC, product quality is hit-or-miss. Make no mistake: they offer some fantastic blends with outstanding medicinal properties. We’re talking the likes of two strains only the SQDC offers: the universally famous Broken Coast and the newly-inducted San Rafael ’71 Tangerine Dream.

Unfortunately, the rest leave much to be desired. Lacklustre buds with reduced potency are not unheard of. All SQDC products come pre-packaged, making it even harder for customers to visually judge quality before purchase.

Of course, you won’t see such negative reviews on the SQDC online since there currently is no option to rate and review products. Fishy, isn’t it?

This presents a problem for SQDC – a dispensary that’s been around for almost five years now. If they can’t live up to their standards consistently now, how can we believe they can do so in upcoming years?

Customers want the ease of mind knowing they’re getting the best quality they can get — every single time. In terms of quality, Budlyft’s the clear winner here.

Budlyft vs SQDC: Pricing

Pricing is among the most critical factors of any online shopping experience. When purchasing weed, you want to ensure that your budget doesn’t go overboard because you’re buying something expensive.

One way Budlyft stands out from its competitors is through its competitive pricing schemes. The store’s lowest we’ve seen is an outstanding 5-star review pre-rolls that cost $5 per gram! They even sell cannabis flowers, hash, and more wholesale at a seriously-friendly $360 price point.

For more dedicated stoners, you can get your daily dose of THC for as low as $3.50 per capsule. Non-smokers will need to shell out only $10-$20 for high-quality chocolates, gummies, and drinks. Now we’re talkin’!

Budlyft offers a wide range of price points for each product category (e.g., flowers, vape pens). We appreciate that they actively make it easier for customers to choose what they can afford without sacrificing quality or variety.

SQDC’s prices are more than reasonable considering how accessible Cannabis now is across Canada thanks to full government support – but there are some downsides as well.

The $12.50 price point per gram is a tad high compared to other dispensaries and cannabis delivery services. There have been multiple occasions where quality buds can be found online for half of what it costs through the SQDC website/stores.

This, to us, isn’t surprising considering SQDC’s higher operating costs due to physical store location and staff salaries. However, it becomes a problem when you consider the dispensary’s problem with quality consistency. No Canadian wants to spend their hard-earned dollars on something that just doesn’t work.

Simply put: SQDC’s prices can be too high for many Canadians.

The numbers don’t lie. You should be shopping at Budlyft if you want to get every penny’s worth. Budlyft offers highly competitive pricing schemes that blow its competition out of the water, whether you’re on a tight budget or in it for the extensive haul.

Budlyft vs SQDC: Variety Offered

Variety encompasses many aspects of the product experience: strain type, product portfolio, customer support options, delivery services, menu layout & organization.

You must be getting your money’s worth every time you purchase weed from an e-commerce platform like Budlyft or SQDC. If not, it defeats the purpose of buying Cannabis at all!

Budlyft’s got the upper hand here. The wide variety of cannabis strains and products offered by Budlyft is simply unmatched in Canada right now.

They’ve got over 100+ different flower types to choose from that appeal to both new and seasoned cannabis consumers, like:

  • indica-dominant hybrids (e.g., M.K. Ultra, OG Kush, Frosted Fruit Cake)
  • sativa-heavy hybrids that do well for pain relief like Strawberry Cough)
  • premium-type AAAA+ weed (e.g., Purple Space Cookes, Super Silver Haze)
  • high THC and CBD varieties

If you’re looking for something specific, Budlyft’s got you covered. Just search for it by name or select the relevant options (e.g., THC/CBD products), and voila! It’ll come right up.

As for Budylyft’s product portfolio, let’s just say we’re pretty impressed with what they’ve got to offer:

The SQDC has a small and limited product selection in-store. This is to be expected for any new dispensary, though it’s still important to note that many of their products aren’t available at all times (even if they’re advertised on the website). Some customers have also experienced inconsistency with pricing between online and physical stores – something Budlyft makes sure never happens!

That’s not to say SQDC offers nothing at all. The government supplier offers over 160+ types of buds based on what we see on their online store. If they’re lucky enough, customers can even get their hands on pre-rolls, cannabis edibles, and 50+ extracts.

What’s luck got to do with SQDC? The downside to this widely popular dispensary is that they do run out of stocks pretty fast. Ever since it introduced itself to the market, it’s been hounded by procurement issues.

Skip and hop over to your nearest SQDC branch, and you’ll more likely than not line up. Sadly, you might end up leaving empty-handed.

Variety-wise, SQDC pales in comparison to Budlyft. While at first glance, the options seem endless, a closer inspection reveals their true nature. They sell unpopular strains that, frankly speaking, do not sell well. We also suspect that they simply repurpose other strains to make them appear more government-friendly.

And that brings us to the following problem: pre-packaged weed limits customer options. You can only choose from what they offer – nothing more, nothing less! Customers who want variety will undoubtedly be disappointed with this aspect of shopping at SQDC stores.

SQDC left us wanting more. Budlyft simply has more to offer across the board, which is precisely what you should expect from a top-quality online dispensary in Canada like this one.

Budlyft vs SQDC: Promos and Packages

Another thing you’ll notice when checking out the SQDC is that there are no deals or packages offered by them. If you wanted to get an ounce of marijuana along with your pre-rolled joint purchase, we’ve got bad news: You can only buy one item per transaction. That means having to wait around while someone else finishes making their order before finally getting the chance to make yours.

Budlyft offers the best deals and packages on every purchase, so you don’t have to worry about missing out or not getting enough value for your money! You can even get eighths, meaning smaller quantities of weed if that’s what you’re into (for those who aren’t looking to smoke an entire ounce at once).

Unlike its white-and-black competitor, Budlyft likes to keep things exciting. They run sales and special deals throughout the year!

Are you thinking of making the holidays extra special? Black Friday? With Budlyft, you get excellent opportunities to purchase your favourite marijuana products at vastly discounted prices.

Budlyft even offers coupon codes that allow you to save even more on your next purchase. The coupons often work on your first order to get a taste of what their products and services are like.

Budlyft vs SQDC: Delivery & Shipping Services

The general rule applies with all shipping services, be it for marijuana or other online products: the faster, the better.

While both Budlyft and SQDC ship their goods through Canada Post Xpresspost Shipping, chances are you’re getting your stuff faster (and cheaper) with Budlyft.

Budlyft offers same-day delivery for payments processed at noon PST (3:00 PM EST). Otherwise, expect delivery the next business day. Customers can buy weed online and have their order delivered in less than 48 hours — which is a huge time-saver compared to the SQDC.

Budlyft’s e-commerce system is superb. You can track your order as it gets delivered to your doorstep; we highly recommend that you do so!

While SQDC also ships via Canada Post, the customer is once again marred by location restrictions. They only offer Express shipping for deliveries within the Montreal area —with some additional sites in Quebec.

This can be a deal-breaker for customers not in those regions who don’t want to go out of their way just to receive their marijuana on a later day (with an increase in the shipping cost).

An even more vital selling point for Budlyft is that they offer free, discreet delivery for orders above $149. They also provide gifts with minimum purchases. Take that, SQDC!

That being said, a $149 minimum order isn’t the best starting point on the market. We’ve seen other dispensaries go as low as $99 for free delivery. But we’re not ones to whine and complain, especially when compared to the added $5 on every delivery with SQDC.

SQDC has locations across Canada, but many are in Montreal or Quebec City, where there’s better access to dispensaries with much lower prices than SQDC. They have pre-rolled joints, which may be popular among some who want convenience; however, it’s unclear if they are any good.

Once again: Budlyft is the more convenient option here because of their delivery services. If you like having an online dispensary make things easier for you, this is one dispensary worth checking out! At least give them a try if convenience matters most – we promise they won’t let you down.

Budlyft vs SQDC: Customer Experience

We think it would still be unfair to say Budlyft is the better option simply because of its cannabis products alone. SQDC has its redeeming features – like their pungent pre-rolls and concentrates – which are highly sought after. However, customer experience is where Budlyft leaves SQDC in the dust.

Budlyft offers a more streamlined shopping experience with an extensive product range that caters to all needs, something that SQDC simply cannot do. Budlyft also takes pride in its ultra-competitive pricing and regular sales promotions as if that weren’t enough.


We can’t stress this enough: you’re limited by location shopping for SQDC. While they have over 70+ stores across Canada, most of these retail locations are based in Montreal and Quebec. The stores are pretty sleek, though, so that’s a win.

But there’s an even bigger problem. Hate waiting in line? If so, we’ve got some terrible news for you.

It doesn’t take a social media junkie to know that SQDC branches are plagued by long waiting lines. We’re not quite sure if it’s because of a self-imposed limit or slow services. However, we know one crucial fact: Canadians hate having to wait for their Cannabis unnecessarily.

At SQDC, you’re subject to waiting up to 90 minutes before your consultation or purchase can begin. Imagine going all the way out just to line up (and possibly leaving the store empty-handed).

In contrast, there’s no waiting at all when you purchase Cannabis at Budlyft. They simply offer a more accessible and convenient shopping experience. You can easily order your desired products through their website or app; you’ll get them delivered to your doorstep in no time!

If you’re looking for convenience and accessibility – not to mention competitive pricing – Budlyft is worth checking out. If you want a wide product selection at the top-notch quality – that’s precisely what they offer!

Customer Service

So you finally made it into the store, and you’re excited to get your Cannabis finally. SQDC’s customer service is a bit of a mixed bag. Some people say they’re accommodating, while others find they’re difficult to deal with.

Go onto any online forum, and you’ll see what bonafide potheads complain about. Staff giving inaccurate information on available stock, strain quality, terpene profile, and prices are generally not unheard of.

Another common complaint against SQDC is that their live chats or phone lines take forever to reach. If you were in the store at 3:00 PM EST, you would have been left hanging for 90 minutes before you could even get help from an employee.

In contrast, Budlyft has both a chat function and phone line for customers to use when needing assistance or clarification on products without having to wait in line or go through complicated online order forms.

Budlyft’s “budtenders” know their stuff. We’ve seen customers inquire about their Cannabis countless times. And Budlyft’s customer support never fails to impress us.

They’re also honest and upfront about the stuff they’re selling. We’ve never encountered discrepancies with, say, how potent they claim a particular strain is. And they even notify customers about sales or price changes (a point some dispensaries avoid disclosing).

The government supplier may have reasonable prices when it comes to purchasing cannabis products online or at their physical stores, but that doesn’t mean anything if the customer always gets something different from what was advertised! And this is why Budlyft has a clear advantage over its competitor when it comes to product consistency.

We’re not just being picky here; we want people to be able to trust us, so they patronize us over other online dispensaries. It’s not enough to have good products; we want cannabis customers to be sure they’re getting what was advertised!

And that is the most significant difference between the SQDC and Budlyft: customer service (or lack thereof).

If you’ve read about us before, then you know how much emphasis we put on dispensaries caring for their clients’ needs. We appreciate those who do not compromise their services to help customers get their hands on exactly what they need — no matter how unique the product may seem!

If the product is the coffin, then customer service is the nail to the said coffin. It should be clear now why Budlyft is better than SQDC. Not only does Budlyft offer superior products at unbeatable prices, but they also do so with a customer experience like no other.

Final Thoughts – Why Budlyft is Better than SQDC

After comparing and contrasting both Budlyft and SQDC, it is clear that Budlyft has the upper hand. The SQDC is an excellent dispensary, but it can’t beat Budlyft in the factors discussed.

The SQDC is a government-run monopoly that has limited product selection and prices that are too expensive for many Canadians. Budlyft, on the other hand, is a Canadian cannabis company that strives to provide consumers with high-quality products at the most affordable prices out there.

Budlyft has all the qualities of a great online dispensary and more! If you’re looking for quality Cannabis at competitive prices, you need to look no further than our store.

We offer unbeatable promotions in Canada, which means even if you don’t buy Cannabis today, there’s always another chance to come back again tomorrow. The shipping is free on orders over $149 (which really doesn’t take much), so it pays off to order with us because we’re your one-stop shop for everything cannabis-related.

And did we mention customer service? Our budtenders go above and beyond to make sure every single person who shops with us walks away happy—literally!

When it comes to Budlyft vs SQDC, the winner is undoubtedly Budlyft. Don’t believe us? Head over to the Budlyft site today, order a joint, and get a high like no other!