CBD vs. Kratom: Which One Is Better?

CBD vs. Kratom Which One Is Better

Since recreational marijuana legalization, CBD products have become popular medical supplements. The widespread popularity of CBD products has also gathered interest in other medicinal plants, such as kratom.

CBD and kratom have become popular botanical health supplements. They have a variety of similar health benefits to their natural botanical origins, primarily in helping relieve chronic pain by supporting restorative sleep and calming anxiety.

Although both plants have many similarities, they have distinct mechanisms of action. This article tackles the differences between kratom and CBD by explaining their strengths and limitations.

What Is Cannabidiol (CBD)?

CBD is an important compound that originated in cannabis plants. It is similar to kratom and can be isolated into products like CBD oils, CBD tinctures, or even CBD edible products. Unlike THC, CBD does not provide psychoactive effects when used at the proper dose. There is no feeling of euphoria or hallucination involved, so you can perform appropriately after taking supplements.

Like the popular cannabinoids in the cannabis plant, such as THC, CBD binds to specific receptors in your body’s endocannabinoid system. It sends messages to your body to make you more relaxed or feel less pain. CBD is often used for pain relief, sleep issues, and anxiety reduction.

There are various types of CBD products, such as full spectrum CBD and CBD isolate. The former contains a wide range of cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids, while the latter consists of only pure cannabidiol. Reliable and quality CBD products are often used for:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Cancer
  • Chronic Pain
  • Parkinson’s Diseases
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Traumatic Brain Injury
  • Stroke
  • Epilepsy
  • Autism

What Is Kratom?

Kratoms (Mitragyna species) are shrubs associated with coffee plant species. Its main component is Mitragynine, which binds to dopamine and serotonin receptors in your brain to stimulate effects.

There are a few advantages of kratom. It helps manage opioid withdrawal symptoms and chronic pain. In high doses, the alkaloids in the kratom leaves will target your opioid receptors, producing potent euphoric and analgesic effects. The higher the dosage is, the greater the sedative effects you will experience.

Kratom users often take the substance in lower doses as an alternative to coffee, alcohol, or other prescription painkillers in high doses. There are several types in Southeast Asia, including Indonesia, Laos, Vietnam, and Cambodia. Originally, kratom leaves were sliced or eaten as tea or cooked. Its stimulating effect helps increase energy levels and improve productivity at work.

What Is the Difference Between CBD and Kratom?

The only similarities between CBD and kratom are that they are often used to manage pain, anxiety, and insomnia. However, the two substances have entirely different mechanisms and active ingredients. CBD acts on your body’s endocannabinoid system, while kratom targets the adrenergic and opioid systems.

Moreover, CBD is safer to consume than kratom. CBD can be used long-term with minimal risk for addiction and long-term adverse effects. On the other hand, kratom products should not be used long-term since they can become addictive and habit-forming over time.

It is believed that occasional doses of CBD are better for treating chronic pain, anxiety, and inflammation. In comparison, kratom acts better as a stimulant and is often used for acute pain relief. To give you an overview, here is a summary of the similarities and differences between CBD vs. kratom.

  • Low dose effects: CBD is a mild nootropic, painkiller, and anxiolytic. On the other hand, kratom results in increased energy levels and mild agitation.
  • High dose effects: Both kratom and CBD is used for chronic pain and stress reduction. CBD and kratom are also used for sedation and a better sleep-wake cycle. However, high doses of CBD can produce anti-inflammatory and mild anti-anxiety benefits. In comparison, high doses of kratom powder result in euphoria.
  • Safety: CBD is safe to consume even in high doses and has a low risk of side effects. On the other hand, kratom is also safe to use but only in low doses. Long-term use of kratom in higher doses can lead to addiction.
  • Adverse effects: Some of the adverse effects of CBD when used in higher doses include nausea, sedation, low blood pressure, and dizziness. On the other hand, side effects of kratom include nausea, vomiting, blurry vision, dizziness, loss of muscle coordination, and sedation.
  • Legality: CBD is legal in the United States, Europe, Canada, Mexico, and South America. However, kratom strains are banned in a few US states on a federal level. They are only legal in some South American and European countries and are considered illegal drugs in Canada.
  • Origin: CBD comes from Indica or Cannabis Sativa plants from the Middle East or Southeast Asia. On the other hand, the kratom plant mostly comes from countries across Southeast Asia, such as Thailand, Indonesia, and Borneo.
  • Active compounds: Cannabis plants consist of cannabinoids such as CBD, THC, CBG, CBN, THCV, and CBC. On the other hand, the active constituents within a kratom tree include Mitragynine, 7-hydroxy Mitragynine, Paynantheine, and Speciogynine.
  • Pharmacology: CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system by binding to CB1 and CB2 receptors, while kratom binds to opioid pain receptors to act as a central nervous system stimulant.
  • Preparation: CBD can be found in products for natural supplements such as oils, capsules, edibles, and concentrates. On the other hand, the kratom leaf powder can be mixed with water or used via capsules or tinctures.
A bottle of CBD oil over a cannabis leaf

Which One Between Kratom and CBD Should You Use?

CBD and kratom have many similar benefits. Low kratom doses are generally best for short-term pain relief, managing pain, and opiate withdrawal symptoms. On the other hand, the direct immune-stimulating effects of CBD are best used to regulate neurological function. CBD is also an effective pain relief and is often used to alleviate anxiety and provide restful sleep.

Find out which is the optimal product you should use based on your needs and requirement by learning more about the potential benefits and advantages of using kratom and CBD below:

CBD vs. Kratom: Which One Is Better for Pain Relief?

If you want to block pain completely, you should go for CBD since it is best for chronic pain. However, if you only have acute pain, low doses of kratom are as effective as prescription painkillers like morphine and oxycontin.

CBD works by regulating the volume of pain signals passing the central nervous system. By modulating the receptions in the brain and spinal cord, it does a great job at reducing pain driven by inflammation. However, you generally have to take CBD products, like CBD oil, for days to months to get the full benefit.

On the other hand, kratom does not follow the exact mechanism for regulating immune function. Kratom activates opioid receptors in the spinal cord to block pain signals and prevent them from reaching the brain. By blocking the opioid receptors, kratom can provide pain relief quickly, making it great for short-term and low-dose use.

Soothe and moisturize your whole body with VIDA Chamomile Smile THC/CBD Bath Bomb to relieve aches and feel relaxed. If you are suffering from pain associated with menstrual cramps, try Yoni PMS and Menstrual Cramp Relief Tincture.

CBD vs. Kratom: Which One Is Better for Sleep?

Long-term pain can sometimes lead to dysregulation in the sleep-wake cycle or, worse, insomnia. In higher doses, CBD produces excellent sedative effects, which help in inducing sleep. CBD can still help you achieve restorative sleep in lower doses by calming your central nervous system and curbing anxiety symptoms. CBD is also great for reducing joint pain, which can keep you awake at night.

On the other hand, kratom is also helpful for reaching deeper sleep states but only with the correct dosage. Consuming the wrong strains of kratom at extremely high or low doses can lead to worse insomnia. Higher doses of kratom will lead to “kratom wobble,” wherein you get blurry visions and experience nausea or vomiting.

Check out Mota CBD Sleep Tincture, made of Melatonin and organic botanicals to help you sleep faster and longer. If you do not want to consume Melatonin products, try Boost CBD Tincture – Sleep, made from spearmint or orange essential oils, organic MCT oil, and CBD isolate.

CBD vs. Kratom: Which One Is Better for Anxiety and Depression?

CBD can trigger dopamine release, which is intimately involved with the symptoms people experience as anxiety. Many large-scale clinical trials support the effectiveness of CBD in managing anxiety. However, when it comes to natural supplements, the kava plant is one of the best for anxiety.

Regarding depression, kratom is more effective than CBD in the short term. It is because CBD is not as euphoric and uplifting as kratom. Since kratom activates opioid receptors, it induces a potent euphoric effect that can dramatically impact your mood. However, keep in mind that this is only for short-term use. Otherwise, long-term use can lead to dependency and addiction.

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CBD vs. Kratom: Which One Is Better for Concentration and Focus?

Kratom is often used to support concentration and focus since it is believed to promote mental clarity and reduce stress. However, these effects are only subtle and often apply to those who are already anxious or stressed.

Thus, kratom is a much better choice if you are looking for a productivity enhancer. Using kratom in a low dose will stimulate brain activity and help you feel more awake, focused, and alert. The effects will last from 30 minutes to three hours.

On the other hand, CBD is also effective for concentration and focus. Check out Boost CBD Tincture – Focus, which is made from grapefruit essential oil, CBD isolate, and organic MCT oil.

CBD vs. Kratom: Which One Is Better for the Immune System?

CBD and kratom support the immune system, including adaptive immunity, while blood cell production, T-cell infiltration, and allergic reactions. CBD has been shown to offset certain bacteria to resist antibiotics, and kratom is believed to offer immune-stimulating effects.

If you want a discreet and convenient way of consuming CBD for your immune system, try Headstash CBD Cap, which effectively alleviates chronic pain and other ailments with precise dosages. Boost SoftGel Caps is another product you should try if you want to give your body the amino acids, omega 3 and 6, and CBD it deserves.

When Should You Use Kratom or CBD?

When deciding which one between CBD and kratom is best for you, consult your doctor or a health professional. CBD is excellent for battling depression, sleep disorders, or anxiety. It is extremely helpful in managing chronic pain, such as nerve pain.

On the other hand, you can benefit from kratom if you want to feel energized but do not want to consume caffeine. However, long-term usage of kratom can lead to addiction and dependency. Moreover, kratom products lack FDA approval and testing. Thus, it is wise to be cautious or perhaps avoid using kratom in excessively high dosages and for long periods.

Are CBD and Kratom Safe to Use?

CBD is considered safe to use, and there is no documented case of an overdose on CBD yet. In animal studies, the lethal dose of CBD is several thousand milligrams, which is much higher than the recommended dosage range of 5 to 80 milligrams. Long-term CBD usage also has no lasting health implications or high risk of addiction. Although CBD is no indication of physical addiction or dependence, using it can be habit-forming.

On the other hand, kratom has caused deaths, so it is not considered safe for long-term use. Daily use of kratom may lead to addiction and dependency. As for the side effects of the substances, CBD commonly induces a drop in blood pressure and dizziness. Kratom, on the other hand, affects the adrenergic and opioid systems. These adrenergic effects can lead to the kratom wobble.

Some people mix kratom and CBD for more significant benefits. However, caution is advised since side effects are always possible, especially in higher doses. Always use a low to moderate amount and avoid other supplements after taking the mixture.

CBD vs. Kratom FAQs

Does CBD provide euphoria?

Although THC and CBD come from the same plant, the latter does not cause a sense of euphoria or “high” associated with using cannabis containing THC. CBD can make you feel less anxious and more relaxed if you use a legitimate and reliable product containing less than 0.3% THC. Otherwise, euphoria can be considered a side effect, especially when stressed. THC binds with CB1 receptors to cause a feeling of euphoria. However, CBD barely binds with these receptors but blocks them instead. Hence, when you consume CBD with THC, you will notice you do not feel as high as you would when you take THC alone.

Is CBD a stimulant?

Depressants decrease the activity of neurotransmitters in your brain, slowing the functional and neuronal activities in the nervous system. Stimulants, on the other hand, increase the levels of neural and physiological activities in your brain. As a result, there will be an increase in your overall energy, focus, and alertness. CBD is neither a stimulant nor a depressant. Depending on your physical and mental state and the product’s potency, it can make you sleepy or awake, tired or energized.

Does CBD boost your energy or make you tired?

CBD will not get you mentally high like its counterpart, THC. Instead, you will feel a burst of energy or a wave of relaxation. Aside from helping you manage ailments such as pain and anxiety, CBD is also helpful in providing you with a pleasant jolt of positive energy and a sense of calm and serenity. The increased energy levels are due to the enhancement of protein synthesis. However, in large doses, CBD can make you feel highly relaxed or tired, improving sleep quality.

Is CBD good to take every day?

CBD can be taken daily, and it is highly unlikely for you to get overdosed on the substance. It is fat soluble, so it compounds in your body. The recommended dosage starts at 10 to 20mg per day. You can follow this dosage for at least a week and observe if you do not experience any allergic reaction or unwanted effects. You can increase the dosage per your preferences and desired effects. However, remember that you can build a tolerance to CBD, like many other drugs. To prevent this from happening, take a few days off to reset your body system, then start with the lowest recommended dose again.


CBD and kratom treat similar health problems, although the ingredients and mechanisms are very different. CBD targets the endocannabinoids, while kratom is aimed at both the adrenal and the opioid systems.

CBD and kratom offer numerous health advantages. It has been researched to treat cancer, epilepsy, and other severe health conditions, including heart problems and diabetes. Due to their similar properties, many users combine CBD and kratom to create a more significant effect. When mixing kratom and CBD, though, the dosage is essential since overdose can be fatal.

While CBD has been well researched and evaluated for nearly a quarter century, kratom is still scarcely tested, and its benefits have not been medically proven. CBD has been extensively investigated and studied, but more research must be done to determine its effects. Although CBD’s recommended dose ranges from 5 to 80 mg, higher dosages can also be safe. Humans can tolerate 500 mg CBD with no significant adverse effects.

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